Guys! Check out The Alchemist and an Amaretto by Annette Marie!

As a guild bartender, I can handle pretty much anything–mages, sorcerers, witches, the occasional demon. But show me anything family-related and I’d rather run for the hills. It doesn’t even have to be my family.

So I have no idea why I thought spending the holidays with Aaron’s mom and pop was a good idea.

Meeting his famous parents is already terrifying enough, but I’ve got a bigger problem. Students of his family’s renowned mage academy are being attacked on the grounds–and somehow no one has seen a single assailant? Unexplained tracks litter the nearby woods, rumors of forbidden alchemy are circulating the campus…and Ezra has been acting strangely since we arrived.

Something deadly is brewing in the shadow of Sinclair Academy, and the longer we take to uncover it, the more dangerous it becomes. But no matter the risk, we’ll protect the students.

And Aaron’s parents too, I suppose. If we have to.




Guys! The next book in Joseph Nassise’s Templar Chronicles is now available!

From out of the darkness comes a light…

For five long years the Adversary and his infernal allies have ruled the earth, herding mankind into demon-controlled enclaves and hunting those that remain near to extinction.

The Templars, a mere shadow of their once-powerful organization have continued to fight against overwhelming odds, but for many hope and a belief in a human victory are things of the past.

Then, from the depths of the Beyond, a pair of legends emerge.

The return of Cade Williams and his beloved wife, Gabrielle, a mighty warrior in her own right, galvanize the Templars. The Heretic’s presence lights a fire in their souls and a flame in their hearts.

Now, they prepare for their greatest challenge yet. It is time to reclaim what was thought lost.

It is time, at long last, to take the battle to the enemy.

The spellbinding Templar Chronicles urban fantasy series continues!



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Guys! The Shades Of Blood series has officially been added to my TBR pile!

Shades of Blood is an urban fantasy series
with fade-to-black romantic scenes.

Shades of Blood Book One

The streets of London are overrun with vampires, and Magdalene Shelley may be the only one left to hunt them.

As a sunstrider – a vampire fueled by blood and the light of day – Magdalene took a sacred oath to protect humanity from her darker cousins, the nightwalkers. But her fellow sunstriders are missing, leaving her to fight alone.

Is Magdalene the last of her kind?

Corrupted magic hangs in the air, and as she struggles to uncover rays of truth in the hunt for her missing kin, she is haunted by the crimes of her past…

And stalked by the dangerous romance that lured her to commit them.

Now Available!


Shades of Blood Book Two

Magdalene Shelley is a vampire sworn to the protection of humanity, a sunstrider marked by eyes of molten gold. But after her last battle with her corrupted counterparts, the nightwalkers, a silver mote has infected her eye.

During that battle, she may have vanquished the sorceress pulling the strings of the nightwalker Ragnar, but that doesn’t mean her troubles are over.

For Ragnar lives on, flooding the streets of London with ghouls to keep Magdalene busy while he heals and rebuilds. It’s working.

While Magdalene struggles to keep London safe, a new threat looms. Not only did her last encounter with Ragnar infect her with nightwalker power, but her love, Lucien, has taken on more of those dark powers than his body can bear.

Magdalene must find a way to destroy Ragnar once and for all before the city and the man she loves are lost.

Even if it means drawing on her forbidden powers.

Now Available!


Shades of Blood Book Three

One eye of silver, one of gold.

Magdalene Shelley is a vampire torn between two worlds – the sunstriders, sworn to humanity’s protection, and the nightwalkers, sworn to their destruction. Her order has put her on probation until she can prove that her oath to humanity remains.

But a flood of ghouls are running wild, filling the void left by the destruction of an ancient nightwalker, and they’re threatening more than human lives.

For the abundance of supernatural beings in London has drawn the attention of a power so very ancient and dangerous that the world has forgotten its name.

As the shadows of London thicken with danger, Magdalene may have to sacrifice everything she loves to save the world from destruction.

Coming November 8th!



Guys! Check out A Touch of Death by J.J. Dean!

After being abducted and held prisoner for five years, Novia Bourne’s world is torn apart by her captors as they thwart her first and only chance to escape. Forced into making the decision of life or death lands her in the arms of four devastatingly handsome Naturals; a vampire, a shifter, a mage, and an incubus. These strangers offer her the freedom she never thought she’d see again. All of that is threatened and hope dwindles when buried secrets reveal themselves.

The entire world of Naturals is at risk when a forgotten prophecy is brought to light. Novia’s secret is one that could bring about their salvation…or their destruction. Gifted with abilities no Fae should possess, Novia becomes a coveted weapon the humans will do anything to recapture.

With her freedom and the lives of her four Naturals hanging in the balance, will Novia’s life fall into the hands of those who wish to use her? Or will she find the strength to fight for the future she longs for? Soon she’ll learn, a chance at life will always require… A Touch of Death.

* This is a Reverse Harem novel. #whychoose  Recommended 18+ due to mature language and situations.


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Guys! My friend Debbie Cassidy has a new Nightwatch Academy book out!

They say, there’s no rest for the wicked. In that case I must be pure evil.

When Hyde said the cadets would be getting Fast Tracked, he wasn’t joking.

It’s hard staying on top of the shadow cadet duties, but I’m not one to shy from a challenge.  However, just when I think I’ve got a hold on my abilities and found my niche at the Academy, the principal throws a curveball my way.

Suddenly I’m drowning in painful revelations and more tasks. The one person I want to run to turns his back on me, and comfort comes from an unexpected source.

But the equilibrium is short lived because the silence of the mist is about to be shattered, and when it does, no one is safe.

It’s our job to protect the Academy grounds, but when danger rides the sky, who in the hell is going to save us?

The Vampire Academy meets Game of Thrones in this kick-ass, supernatural academy, Urban Fantasy with a slow burn Why Choose Romance.


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Guys! Check out Wicked Wings by Keri Arthur!

In a reservation where magic has been unrestrained for entirely too long, there is no rest from the wicked…

After dealing with the fallout of a shape-shifting, fire-throwing demon, Lizzie, Belle, and Aiden are hoping the reservation will finally catch a break from the constant influx of evil. Those hopes are quickly dashed when Lizzie comes across the scent of evil and tracks it back to the clean-picked bones of a man.

As it quickly becomes obvious that this is not a one-off situation and there’s now a demon with a taste for human flesh on the reservation, another problem arises in the form of a White Lady—a ghost not only seeking bloody revenge, but demanding Belle’s assistance to get it.

And she won’t take no for an answer.

But the greatest threat of all might be the witch who is a magical bloodhound. A witch who’s been sent to the reservation by one Clayton Marlowe…

Lizzie’s husband.


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