Executioner Series

~ Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance ~
~ Spin Off of the Demon Legacy Series ~

The Executioner series is the upcoming Demon Legacy spin off series.  There will be plenty of Demon Legacy character crossovers, but the series follows a new main character.  Her name is Jimi Hayes and you will meet her at the end of Dance With the Devil (Demon Legacy #3).  So far, there are four Executioner books planned:

  • Bad Wolf – Executioner #1  <– In progress!  
  • Black Widow – Executioner #2
  • Midnight Screams – Executioner #3
  • The Gentleman – Executioner #4



As of right now, that’s how the entire story arc is set to play out.  However, this is subject to change because every time I turn around, a new idea pops in my head and both series seem to get longer and longer.  Right now, all unpublished release dates are to be determined.  As I get a better idea of when a book will be published, the cover and blurb will be added up above.