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My name is Jena and I love to write.

Born and raised in New Hampshire, I currently reside in the town of Andover, despite my extreme hatred for any season which is not summer.  I love love LOVE getting to travel, and any chance I get, I travel to Las Vegas, NYC, and the Arizona and Nevada deserts (my favorite places on the planet).  I actually get a little case of heart break every time I have to leave to come home.  January 2016 was my seventh trip to Las Vegas in the last four years and this time I got to go out to Area 51.  It was incredible.  🙂  Living in Andover makes no sense what so ever in my grand scheme, but, for now, it’s home.

Ok, here’s a little insight into my personality:

I have an unnatural affection for all things cinematic Batman.  Always have, always will.  Chris Nolan’s Batman (the Dark Knight trilogy) only solidified it.  I dont give a shit what anyone says, I loved Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne.  Eat it, haters.  lol  If you were to visit my house, chances are, you’d find me either wearing Batman PJ pants or at least my Batman robe.  I even have a bat signal in my bedroom.  Yes, it’s a working bat signal.  I’ve been trying to get friends together for an all-day Batman movie marathon, starting with Tim Burton’s Batman, but I’ve yet to find any takers.  Mark my words, I will make that shit happen.

Vegas Pic 3
Me with Jeff Dunham’s 1966 Batmobile replica, Planet Hollywood Casino, Las Vegas, April 2015

I am also a great big nerd for comic books-turned-movies.  Except for Superman and Captain America.  Far too goody-goody for me.  Although, I fully admit, I saw Man of Steel and that was a bad ass movie.  If you’re ever planning a twenty-four hour X-Men marathon, I am totally down!  That being said, I fully admit I’m not a comic book nerd. The only one I ever read regularly was X-Men. Not that I have anything against comics.  I just only recently started reading a lot of graphic novels and I tell myself I’ll venture back into comics one day.  🙂

I’m a Whovian.  I watched Doctor Who back in the day when I was a kid, and I picked it back up about two years ago.  I adored Chris Eccleston, I worshipped David Tennant, I wanted to pinch Matt Smith’s cheeks, and Peter Capaldi has the potential to be a very good Doctor, but I think they need to get rid of Clara.  *ducks and hides from Clara fans*  EDIT:  I win. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I idolize Kevin Smith in a big way.  He’s an artist the way an artist should be.  Writer, director, podcastic guru, and all around funny mofo.  I spend a good portion of my time listening to SmodCo podcasts, Hollywood Babble-On being my Monday morning ritual (Kev and comedian/actor/impressionist Ralph Garman together = genius).  Kev’s book Tough Shit legit changed my life.  Here are a few quotes from the book:

Kev Smith 1

Kev Smith 2

Between my book collection (total book geek), my dvd collection (die hard TV/movie buff – especially sci-fi, paranormal, and superheroes), and my music library (I believe life sucks without a soundtrack), I am only a purchase or two away from starring in my very own episode of Hoarders.  My TV/movie fandoms include but are not limited to:  Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Buffy, Angel, Iron Man, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood/SVM, The Originals, Firefly, Harry Potter, Batman (duh), Sons of Anarchy, Monty Python, Scandal, The Blacklist (OMG!!!!! SO GOOD!!!!!!), X-Men, Star Trek (Next Gen and JJ Abrams), Dollhouse, Suits, Avengers, Thor, Kevin Smith, Nerdist/Legendary, Quentin Tarantino, Hemlock Grove (only 3 seasons??  really???), ANYTHING and EVERYTHING by Joss Whedon (#injosswetrust), and pretty much every action movie franchise out there (my last real date was to see Expendables II and that was MY movie choice.  lol).  There are so many more to list that I know I am forgetting….

Parental AdvisoryAlso, I swear, like, a lot, as I often seem to mistake the word ‘fuck’ for a comma.  I don’t apologize for my potty mouth, but, out of respect for your delicate sensibilities, I will warn you of it.  This is, however, my blog.  If foul language offends you, please know that you’re probably going to see some of it on this site.  You have been warned….

I have always had a love for urban fantasy.  I have loved urban fantasy since long before some genius came up with the genre label.  For years, I kept journals.  When I got married, I chucked the journals, and now I wish I hadn’t because they were riddled with short stories that would serve as great seed ideas for novels.  In 2005, I started writing a novel purely as a hobby.  Self-publishing wasn’t a reality at that time, so it was really just for fun.  I had no idea how to go about getting published, and as life got in the way, the book was shelved.  Thank the gods of old I printed a copy because I lost the floppy disk (yes, I said floppy disk) the book was on.

Vegas Pic 1Fast forward six years.  I hauled out the hard copy of my untitled project.  It was beaten and had been viciously attacked with a red pen.  As I read through it, I was mortified.  My experience with Pure Textuality and really paying attention to the technicality of writing made me realize that my book needed some serious work.  It was a great start with some good ideas, but when push came to shove, I knew I needed a complete rewrite.  So, that’s where it started.  Once I started rewriting, the book took a completely different direction and a life of its own.  That was the start of my Hellfire series.

Feel free to shoot me an email anytime.  I am always open to conversation and feedback.  Just pop on over to the Contact page for all the places you can find me.

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