2016 Rock & Read Author Event, Las Vegas, Nevada | Photo by Furious Fotog (http://www.onefuriousfotog.com)


My name is Jena and I love to write.

Born and raised in New Hampshire, I still reside there despite my extreme hatred for any season which is not summer.  I love love LOVE getting to travel, and any chance I get, I travel to Las Vegas, NYC, and the Arizona and Nevada deserts (my favorite places on the planet).  I actually get a little case of heart break every time I have to leave to come home. Living in the northeast United States makes no sense what so ever in my grand scheme, but, for now, it’s home.

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Me with Jeff Dunham’s 1966 Batmobile replica, Planet Hollywood Casino, Las Vegas, April 2015

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Parental AdvisoryI have always had a love for urban fantasy.  I have loved urban fantasy since long before some genius came up with the genre label.  For years, I kept journals.  When I got married, I chucked the journals, and now I wish I hadn’t because they were riddled with short stories that would serve as great seed ideas for novels.  In 2005, I started writing a novel purely as a hobby.  Self-publishing wasn’t a reality at that time, so it was really just for fun.  I had no idea how to go about getting published, and as life got in the way, the book was shelved.  Thank the gods of old I printed a copy because I lost the floppy disk (yes, I said floppy disk) the book was on.

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Vegas Pic 1Fast forward six years.  I hauled out the hard copy of my untitled project.  It was beaten and had been viciously attacked with a red pen.  As I read through it, I was mortified. My book needed some serious work.  It was a great start with some good ideas, but when push came to shove, I knew I needed a complete rewrite.  So, that’s where it started. Once I started rewriting, the book took a completely different direction.  That was the beginning of my Hellfire series.