The HELLFIRE WORLD currently consist of the Hellfire series and the Executioner series. Additional spin-off books or series may be added at a later date.

The Hellfire series stars demon-witch hybrid Dez and her soulmate/vampire Vegas. This series is told in third person point of view.  > Jump to the Series Page

The Executioner series is an Hellfire spin off series. There will be plenty of Hellfire character crossovers, but the series stars hunter Jamie, werewolf alpha Marcel, and vampire Kade. This series is told in first person point of view.  > Jump to the Series Page


VanishingHellfire World Novella
The only Hellfire standalone to date.
Writing in Progress!
BurningHellfire Prequel Short StoryFree Download
The Devil You KnowHellfire Book OneAmazon & Kindle Unlimited
SufferingHellfire Short StoryFree Download
Speak of the DevilHellfire Book TwoAmazon & Kindle Unlimited
ReckoningHellfire & Executioner Crossover NovellaFree Download
Dance With the DevilHellfire Book ThreeAmazon & Kindle Unlimited
Bad WolfExecutioner Book OneAmazon & Kindle Unlimited
Chosen WolfExecutioner Book TwoIn Editing!
Preorder Link Coming Soon
Devil’s in the DetailsHellfire Book FourMapping!
Lone WolfExecutioner Book ThreeMapping!
The Devil HimselfHellfire Book Five
Howlin’ WolfExecutioner Book Four
Destined WolfExecutioner Book Five