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Meet the Hellfire World Cast: Jamie

Jamie Hayes

Species: Hunter
Age: Late-20s

Personality: An angry loner quickly learning that she doesn’t need to be. She’s got a hair trigger when it comes to dealing with assholes but she’s pretty reasonable and level-headed with everyone else she meets. May be subject to bouts of extreme violence when provoked.

Favorites:  Drinking coffee, wearing the color black, reading smutty paranormal romance when she gets the chance, going for long rides on the back of Marcel’s motorcycle, and letting her inner animal off the chain when fucktards get sassy.

Jamie is the star of the Executioner series and a side character in the Hellfire series. Her upbringing is a complicated one. She was raised as a hunter but her dad’s methods were half-assed (for reasons that have not yet been revealed to readers). As she learns more about the hunters and the long, rich history, she’s introduced to a world that is so much bigger than she could have ever guessed.

Behind-the-Scenes: Chosen family is a big theme in the Executioner series and Jamie’s is the best. Writing two people falling in love is easy. It can be as slow burn or hard-and-fast as you’d like. Writing a chosen family is more complicated. Both sides have to earn their place in each other’s lives. Jamie impressed the hell out of the wolves from their very first encounter. Of everything I’ve written, Reckoning has my all time favorite ending. I love it so much that I always want to use it as a teaser but it’s too good and I can’t blow it. So, I opted for her introduction instead. Go get your FREE copy here if you haven’t read it yet. In Reckoning, Jamie is new in town and it’s the story of how she met the pack and Kade Walker. Here is Jamie’s first appearance through Marcel’s eyes:

Celebrate Human Artists: Stock photography by Maksim Toome and photo editing by Jena Gregoire.

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