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Meet the Hellfire World Cast: Dez

Deziree Davanzati

Species: Demon/Witch
Age: 400+

Personality: A snarky little witch who packs a demonic punch. Usually a happy person, she’s got a volcanic temper hidden just beneath the surface. Combine that with the power to wield hellfire and she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Favorites: Loves include coffee, live music, classic cars, very high heeled shoes, and one Michael Tremayne. Second only to him is her love of Onyx, the rock club/bar she owns in Manhattan with an open-door policy for the supernaturals of the city.

Dez is the star of the Hellfire series. Due to the nature of her abilities, she’s learning about her powers at the same time as you, the reader. Three books into her series, she can do all sorts of neat (i.e. terrifying) things now and we haven’t reached the end of her story yet. She’s still got a few secrets to give up.

Behind-the-Scenes: Writing Dez always feels like coming home. She is where this whole crazy world began for me. I originally envisioned her series going on forever but by the time I began writing the second book in the series, I knew how that wasn’t going to be possible. Since that book, I’ve had a clear vision about how Dez’s story would end and we’re getting closer…

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