ATTN: Seether fans!! The boys are playing live online RIGHT NOW. @SeetherOfficial

Hey party people!  I know it’s a little late BUT I needed to share this.  Seether, my favorite band and the muse for the book I’m working on right now, is playing a live shown at the House of Blues in Cleveland Ohio USA and Yahoo! Live is airing it LIVE.  RIGHT NOW!  This band and their music are the driving force behind the plot in Dance With the Devil.  Definitely worth checking out if you like hard rock.  *wink wink*  Enjoy!!!

seether 2


Jena Sig XXX

I have nothing good to say today, so I’ll give you this instead… #amwriting

I woke up today in the worst mood ever.  Not necessarily a bad mood, just a funk of sorts.  I have tried the usual suspects – drank a cup of coffee, listened to some music, read some funnies, tried chatting with friends.  Nothing has worked.  So, rather than try to come up with something nice to say, I figured I would give you all a little taste of my WIP Dance With the Devil, the third full-length book in the Demon Legacy series.  This is just a little taste of a new character none of you have met yet, and our girl Dez is going to get in all kinds of trouble with this one.

Please be kind as it’s unedited, raw draft snippet.  *wink wink*

Jena Sig XXX

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