For my author friend and fellow Dean Winchester addict, @LizCLong. You’re welcome. #amwriting #supernatural #deanwinchester

Liz Long, author of the fabulous Donovan Circus series, is a big nerdy Dean Winchester fan like yours truly. Since I am too busy writing to put together a real blog post, I decided to share this instead. Enjoy!

Jena Sig XXX


Due to the nature of the graphics in this post, it’s best if viewed on a computer screen and it IS safe for work.  *wink wink*


Chuck says:tumblr_m6i0amn1NX1rziwwco1_500

Fear not!  Dean is here to help!


hi 1hi 2hi 3

He’ll give you the support and inspiration you need…

mug shot

…and a lil hotness, too.


He even makes this look good:


He will give you the motivation you need to get started….


….and the sweet little push you need to keep going.


He might joke around with you….


 …but he’s also not afraid of using a little tough love.

When all you need are some simple words of encouragement….


….or just a friendly smile….


…he’s got your back.


When you tell him all about your plot plans, he really listens….

story 1

….and even gets a little emo about it.

story 2

 If the Debbie Downers try to discourage you….


….Dean will step in and handle the situation.

shoot you

He’s willing to go all the way for you and your craft…


To those of you out there who
DONT have Dean Winchester as an inspiration:


not bad



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