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Why why WHY did I think it was a stellar idea to try to quit smoking???? Send me your good vibes!!!!

Good afternoon, party people!

As I mentioned yesterday, I up and decided to quit smoking.  Like, when I woke up yesterday morning.  That’s when I decided.  Lol  I realized when I opened my pack of butts that the day when I would be “ready” to quit doesn’t exist.  It’s a fairy tale.  I am one of those people who actually enjoys smoking, so, I don’t see that day ever actually happening.  I just decided it was now or never and went for it.

As soon as I smoked my last cigarette, I became VERY aware of the fact that I didn’t have any more and that was ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT for the majority of the day.  However, I pulled through.

Then I get to today.  Today did not start out very well….




I woke up to discover that my sense of humor had called in sick for the day.  I spent the elevator ride up to my desk in tears and I didn’t so much as crack a smile for the first time until about an hour ago.  I’m not doing it cold turkey.  Fuck that noise.  I’m not nearly strong enough for that.  Instead, I am using an e-cigarette until I get to that day where I don’t feel like I need it anymore.  For right now, I do, and I am okay with that.  The e-cigarette is a big help and I am already starting to feel a bit better.  My shitty mood has improved exponentially.

My biggest problem is I tend to smoke a lot when I am bored.  Or writing.  Or walking.  Or thinking.  Or driving.  Or surfing the web.  Or….well, you get the picture.  When I am idle, I find that I feel like I am forgetting something and my hands should be doing something at all times.


To distract myself from the very loud smoke craving reverberating through my head, I spent yesterday writing.  A lot.  I got quite a bit accomplished in Dance With the Devil, which made me feel super-awesome, and I mapped out ANOTHER new unplanned book.  That puts me in the neighborhood of twenty titles floating around in my head.  So, aside from my health and my aching wallet, breaking the butt habit may be very good for my WPD (Words Per Day) as well!

Today is the first day back at work following a holiday and the phones are going banana sandwiches, so, I probably won’t get much written today, but I am going to try anyway.  If I can’t get writing in, I might do a little bit o’ tweaking to my website.  *shrug*  We shall see.


Anyway, that’s my little check in for the day.  Send me all the good vibes you can spare.  I really don’t want to pick up another cigarette and have all this effort go to waste.  Peace, love, and pop tarts, bitches!


Jena Sig XXX


  1. Good vibes at you. Don’t give in to the cig craving! You’ve got this.

  2. I can give you two good reasons to keep up the fight on quitting smoking. My aunt didn’t give up smoking until it was too late. She now has COPD and is now in the hospital because her lungs keep filling with liquid and gas. And because of the COPD they’re not sure if they can operate or not. The second reason is that my dad quit almost 50 years ago and he will be turning 87 in October. You can do it!

  3. Lee says:

    I quit 0ver 2 years ago for me it was easy a lot of people it isn,t word of advice please use nicotine patches for the first couple of weeks then start cutting down. Doctors have said quiting smoking is like kicking heroin so please check out all facts and good luck you can do it!

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