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It’s been one week…

It’s been one week (did anyone else just hear Barenaked Ladies???) since I had my last cigarette.  I’d say it’s going well.  I found that I do have triggers for wanting a cigarette, my man cub being at the top of that list.  He’s at an age where he just likes to argue everything under the damn sun.  I can only take so much before I am ready to tear my hair out.  That kid will tell me the same (wrong) name for a dinosaur twelve-hundred times.  I try to explain the correct name, and it doesn’t matter.   He will INSIST I am wrong for fifteen minutes straight until I give in and scream “You’re absolutely right, Obiwan!  It’s a tablelamposaurus!  HOW COULD I POSSIBLY HAVE THOUGHT OTHERWISE?!?!?!”  It also doesn’t help that he’s usually trying to have this argument with me while I am trying to take care of something important.


So, yeah, Ryker triggers my desire to smoke.  But I haven’t done it, so, there is that.  Yay for me.  lol

I spent most of my day today helping out a new author friend between day-jobbing calls.  She’s a relatively new author and needed help building her website.  Friday night, I did up the design, and today we made it go live.  Hop on over to to check it out and be sure to say hi, and tell her Jena sent you!

I am wrapping up here at the day job, heading home, and then busting out the lap top to throw myself into Dance With the Devil for the night.


Jena Sig XXX


Did anyone watch Outlander or Game of Thrones this weekend?!?!?!?  HOLY HELL!!!!  What were your thoughts???  Comment on this post, but try like hell to keep it relatively spoiler free!


  1. lornak99 says:

    Outlander was unreal! The acting was incredible I thought. I hope we don’t have to wait long before it comes back!

    1. I was absolutely shocked into silence for about half of the episode. smh Still stunned.

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