Looky looky at what I’m up to this evening! @tj_michaels

A friend of mine, T.J. Michaels, recently reached out to me about giving her WordPress website a face lift.  She’s a busy lady, being a NYT and USA Today bestselling author and all, so, her website just needed to be freshened up.  It’s been a while and she was ready for something new.

This is her current site:

Old TJ


And when I am done with it, this is what T.J.’s website will look like…

Pssst!  You have to click ‘Read more of this post’…..


Jena Sig XXX

New TJ


In no particular order: Bestselling Author Jena Gregoire, PA, Book Blogger & PR Monkey at Book-Mojo.com, Loving Mom, Devoted Friend, Avid Adventurer/Traveler, Die Hard Reader, Music Lover, Comedy Nerd, Movie Junkie, Geek

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