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Updatey little update… #SpeakOfTheDevil #DanceWithTheDevil #amwriting #TNEEVEGAS #TNEE2015

Good afternoon, minions!

I posted this to my Facebook page yesterday, but I wanted to share this info on here as well.  🙂

I know it’s been a while since I have been overly active on my Facebook page, but I assure you all, it’s a good thing. There is a long list of reasons for this and I figured it’s time to clue you all in to what I am up to:  

#HINT:  You have to keep reading.  *insert winky face here*

I am diligently working away on Dance. The story is progressing nicely and I am *hoping* to have it published by midsummer. But, you all know me. No committing to a release date until the first draft is done. I am about 15k into that title.


Bad Wolf is also coming right along. I absolutely love writing from this character’s POV. She’s so much fun and I cant wait for you all to meet her! The Executioners Guild series is the spinoff series from Demon Legacy and Bad Wolf will be released just a few weeks after Dance With the Devil. I am SUPER-EXCITED about this one!

Speak of the Devil is now available in paperback and I already have the first run of them. When I return from #TNEEVEGAS, I will be doing some giveaways if I have any stock left over. If I don’t, I will be ordering more right away, so the wait for giveaways wont be a long one.


I am appearing at The Novel Experience Event and will be in Las Vegas from April 1st to the 7th. The con itself is only from the 2nd to the 5th so I have some extra time to just relax (and probably do some writing). I am finally all ready to go. I have my banners. I have both The Devil You Know and Speak of the Devil in paperback. I have some GREAT oversized post cards of 4 of the Demon Legacy book cover, too. Again, whatever I have left over when I return will be featured in lots of giveaways. ALSO, please please please let me know if you’re going to be at TNEE! I would LOVE to meet any of you who are going to be there! I think Rachel Castro had said she was going (Rachel?????). Anyone else going??????

tnee cover photo

I woke up one night a couple weeks ago and had an idea for a book, all mapped out from start to finish. So I started writing. I am only about 4k into it, but I figured you all might be interested. I have an erotic contemporary romance in the works. No one has claws. No one has fangs. No one turns into anything furry at the full moon. It isn’t at all what I normally write, but the writing process is flowing way too well to ignore it. At this time, I don’t have a title for it, but I promise to keep you guys posted.

I am not going to say who it is yet because I think they are enjoying the peace of anonymity for the time being, but I recently had a family member move in with me. They are renting the spare bedroom on the second floor of my house, so a lot of my evening time has been spent visiting, having good conversation, and laughing my ass off at dorky shit. It’s been an excellent transition and I look forward to the journey. However, having a roomie, I find I spend far less of my time on Facebook (not always a bad thing!).

ALN is working on a big secret project these days and I couldn’t wait anymore. I got a good portion of what she has written and couldn’t tear myself away. It’s *THAT* good! So that occupied some of my time. lol

So, that’s everything. Just thought I would bring everyone up to speed since it seems like it’s been FOREVER since the last time we did a live tweet session or had any fun on here. The fun is coming again soon, I promise!  

As always, thank you all soooooo much for your never ending support! It means the world to me! 🙂


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