My Love/Hate Relationship With Conventions, and How to Make Them Work For YOU!


Authors and convention directors alike seem to have a love/hate relationship with conventions and book signings.  Convention directors are killing themselves to fill the seats while authors are spending a lot more time complaining about disappointing turn outs.  Well, I know some secrets, peeps.  I’ve seen some stuff, I’ve heard some stuff.  Most importantly, I’ve LEARNED some stuff, and today I’m going to share that stuff with you.

Jena Sig XXX

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@BradMeltzer on @Nerdist, the #Batfleck suit post by @the_batforce, and I #amwriting.

Good morning, party people!  I am just going to stop in super-fast this morning.  I plan on spending my day working on either Dance With the Devil or the untitled Nick/Lexi project.  Not sure which yet, but the plan is to write something today.  In my defense, yesterday’s blog post was over 2,000 words.  I am counting that in the writing win column, but it didn’t get either of my works in progress any closer to being done.  That sound you hear is me cracking the whip at myself…

Anyway, there are two reasons I am popping in today:  Brad Meltzer and the Batfleck suit…

Jena Sig XXX

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Authors After Dark Spring Registration Drive #Giveaway!


Hey, party people!  I promised you a big giveaway to coincide today’s Authors After Dark Registration Drive, and here it is!

For today only, the fine folks at Authors After Dark are running a discounted registration.  If you register today, you get $25 off your registration, and it’s the last time a discount will be offered on tickets.

If you have purchased a registration, or you purchase your registration today, go to this form and enter your ticket order confirmation number.  That’s it!  That’s all you have to enter.  Tomorrow, once the registration drive is done, I will input all the confirmation numbers into to pick the winner.  Once I have the winning confirmation number, I will work with the AAD organizers to get your contact info from your ticket order.

The winner of this giveaway will receive:

  • A signed paperback copy of The Devil You Know.
  • A signed paperback copy of Speak of the Devil.
  • An ebook copy of each of the four titles I have published.
  • A set of signed Demon Legacy 6″ x 9″ cover cards.
  • A Demon Legacy themed key chain.
  • A Demon Legacy themed bracelet and earring set.
  • A character in Bad Wolf, the first book in the Demon Legacy spin-off series, NAMED BY YOU!
  • A standing date during AAD to go out for dinner or drinks (winner’s choice; see notes below).
Event Pic


Go!!!  Get those confirmation numbers in as soon as possible!!!

Jena Sig XXX

Terms & Conditions

  • Giveaway is the responsibility of author J.M. Gregoire.  The organizers of Authors After Dark [AAD] are in no way responsible for this giveaway.
  • Open internationally.
  • Giveaway ends at 12:00PM EST 4/30/2015.
  • Prizes will be mailed approximately 3 weeks after giveaway ends.
  • Prizes not exchangeable for cash.
  • One entry per order confirmation number.  Any duplicate entries will be deleted.
  • For the standing date prize, it is up to the winner on whether or not they claim this prize.



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Updatey little update… #SpeakOfTheDevil #DanceWithTheDevil #amwriting #TNEEVEGAS #TNEE2015

Good afternoon, minions!

I posted this to my Facebook page yesterday, but I wanted to share this info on here as well.  🙂

I know it’s been a while since I have been overly active on my Facebook page, but I assure you all, it’s a good thing. There is a long list of reasons for this and I figured it’s time to clue you all in to what I am up to:  


#HINT:  You have to keep reading.  *insert winky face here*

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Bloggers!!! Check this out!! Great convention opportunity announced for TNEE!

TNEE Email Banner

As some of you may or may not know, Pure Textuality Public Relations has sort of informally partnered up with The Novel Experience Event for the 2015 event in Las Vegas. I will personally be there as a signing author (look for J.M. Gregoire!!!), and I am helping with the booking and I am organizing the memory keys filled with free ebooks for the first 500 pre-ordered ticket holders through the door. More info about the memory keys will be posted soon, but right now, I want to talk about the opportunity Romance Ink, Inc., the company responsible for TNEE and Authors After Dark every year, announced last night!

This was taken right from the Authors After Dark blog:

Posted: 27 Dec 2014 04:52 PM PST

Hey Bloggers!

So, we have something special we were just told about. Seriously, an hour or so ago! It seems that we have 5 (FIVE) Blogger industry tables for THE NOVEL EXPERIENCE that have been SPONSORED by a very cool media partner we have… And we are looking for 5 bloggers NOT already registered to take them.

Now there is some fine print. Please read on:

Bloggers sponsorship tables afford the blog offered:
1(one) table with two chairs
Access to the Green Room
Ability to give away 2 VIP tickets on their blog
Blogger only Review pack from a minimum of 10 authors (to include Swag, print and E books)

EACH sponsorship gets entry for 2 of the bloggers from the blog.

Blog MUST get their own ROOM at the host Hotel (Planet Hollywood) for a minimum of 2 nights (FRIDAY and SATURDAY) NO EXCEPTIONS.

Blog will have their name as a sponsor on the website, and promotional items.

The earlier the blogger comes in, the more opportunities they will be afforded, including Off site parties and Author hangouts.

Wanna be considered for one of the spots? Just fill this out!  The chosen blogs will be notified by January 10th!