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Want to know what I am up to???


I finally have a chance to breathe and wanted to stop in to give you all an update on how things are coming along, both with my writing and life in general.

As you know, Suffering and Speak of the Devil have both been unleashed upon the masses. Now I wait. Reviews are just starting to roll in, and I am happy to report they’ve all been pretty frikkin stellar. Speak of the Devil is getting a very warm reception and I am super-excited to have paperbacks in my hands soon (I ordered the proofs yesterday!!!!).

My one-month break from writing plain and simply didn’t happen. It’s not a bad thing, though! I started working on Dance With the Devil (Demon Legacy #3) before Christmas and shortly after New Years, I started on Bad Wolf.  What is Bad Wolf, you ask????  Keep reading to find out!


Well, let’s start by taking a peek at my site. You all may have noticed that today, little goblins broke into my WordPress and deleted the Killer Instinct series section. Bad Wolf was *supposed* to be the first book in the Killer Instinct series. Instead, it’s the first book in what has now been dubbed the Executioner series. The name change for the series comes on the heels of my rewrite of Speak of the Devil. When I started reworking the story so the series would flow smoothly, my overall series arc took an unexpected turn. Unexpected, but very welcome. I love the direction it’s headed in now. As I started writing Bad Wolf, I realized that the name Killer Instinct no longer fit what I was doing and where I was trying to go.

I’m not going to tell you all what the big meaning is behind the name, but I will tell you I am super-excited about this series. So much so that I am further along in Bad Wolf than I am in Dance With the Devil. The only problem with that is Dance With the Devil HAS to come out first for the intertwining story lines to work.  From here on out, it’s all a matter of finding the sweet spot to balance my progress on the two WIP’s and pray to the gods of old that I finish them pretty close together.

Provided all goes smoothly (and I don’t do something stupid like decide to rewrite another book), I should have a complete first draft of both books by May. I am aiming to release Dance, then release Bad Wolf about a month later. It’ll be my first try at rapid-fire releases. This should be fun. *seething sarcasm as I imagine the anxiety attacks as I prepare for TWO release dates*  I am hoping to have the books both published in time for my appearance at Authors After Dark, but I am not committing to shit until I can see the light at the end of the publishing tunnel.  lol  However, I am extremely excited to tell you all I will have Speak of the Devil paperbacks and a special surprise at The Novel Experience Event in Las Vegas!!!!  (April 2-4, 2015; Planet Hollywood)

As for what I am doing right now? Well, aside from typing up this blog post, I am currently reading Amber Lynn Natusch’s next book Unseen (47 North; Rel. Date February 17, 2015).


I just posted my review of Unborn a few days ago, and let me tell you…… Oz…… Just…….Oz…….. You cant see me right now, but I am staring up at the wall in my office in a womanly, dreamy-eyed fashion. Aside from Jericho Barrons (and Vegas, of course!), I dont think I have ever been so quickly drawn to a Book Boyfriend. Holy hell. He’s just smokin’ hot.

The series itself is very promising! It’s a spin off of her Caged series, but it’s a totally different animal. VERY DARK urban fantasy, and I loved every minute of it! You can read all of my spoiler-free thoughts on Unborn HERE. In the meantime, do me a favor and click the image down below to add Unseen to your Goodreads list.  *whispers*  Do it.  You know you wanna…..

Once I am done with this book, I will be back to banging away on Dance and Wolf.  The writing process feels so effortless now that I am not rewriting and reworking material.  I wont lie, I was getting really burned out by the time Speak reached a point where I was completely happy with it.  BUT, I’ve got my mojo back now that I am working on brand new material!  

Ok, that’s it for now. Big love for all of you out there, and, as always, thank you so much for your continued support!   *big sloppy kisses all around*  

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