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Randoms: My Thoughts on Chesty Book Covers

*climbs onto soapbox*

To all of the romance authors bugging out about the TikTok user who said that you need to get rid of the chesty man on your covers, IGNORE HER. Romance makes up more than a billion dollars a year in the publishing industry. They have been putting chesty men on covers as long as I can remember (Fabio, anyone?). Romance readers like it. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be spending a billion dollars a year on romance books. So while she’s on TikTok making a jackass out of herself trying to think that she knows a better way to run the industry, know that empirical evidence says that you’re already doing it right. A BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR says you’re doing it right. Block the big mouth and get back to writing. Your readers are waiting on your next chesty man covered love story. 💜💜💜

Note August 15, 2022: This was originally posted to my private Facebook profile when my website wasn’t working properly. It is being reposted on my blog now backdated to the original posting date.

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