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Itty Bitty Review: FX & Hulu’s The Bear

The other series I watched during my little episode of insomnia was #TheBear on Hulu. For those familiar with the show #Shameless, you will recognize the main actor, Jeremy Allen White, as Lip. Another familiar face is Ebon Moss-Bachrach. He’s been in a ton of projects but I know him as Desi from the HBO series Girls. And I’m not going to tell you his role because it will ruin some shit but Oliver Platt is also in it and as always, the man is awesome. The premise of the show is the main character is a fancy pants chef who, upon the death of his brother, has to return to Chicago to run the family’s spiraling restaurant. Saying that nothing goes right would be an understatement of epic proportions. It’s a dark comedy that deals with some heavy issues. Two big thumbs up and I really hope Hulu renews it for a second season. 😁

Note August 15, 2022: This was originally posted to my Facebook fanpage when my website wasn’t working properly. It is being reposted on my blog now backdated to the original posting date. Also, an update to the post: It’s been renewed for season 2.

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