Well, SCOTUS made their ruling and now it’s time for me to bitch and complain…..

I don’t normally get into politics or religion on here.  Not because I don’t stand by my opinions.  I do.  I’m quite vocal about them, actually.  Enough so that I am sure some people want to get all stabby with me when I drag out the soap box.  *insert shoulder shrug here*

I don’t normally get into religion or politics because I don’t make a habit of openly inviting small-minded hatred and bigotry on my blog.  This is my happy place, dammit.  However, today, I’m issuing the invitation with open arms and a twinkle in my eye.  Nothing anyone can say right now is going to take away from the moment of history we all witnessed today…..

Jena Sig XXX



The Supreme Court of the United States came down with their ruling this morning, and mother fuckers, WE WON.   “We” being the SANE people in this country.

I’m not gay.  Like, not even remotely.  I am of the hetero variety and very much like my lovers to rock external luggage. I do have quite a few friends who are LGBT.  In fact, two of my bestest best friends in the whole wide world are great big lesbians.  I just don’t care.

Never have.

Never will.

And I cannot possibly fathom why anyone would.  If one of them was trying to get all rapey on me, then yes, I would probably take issue with it, but they’re not.  Because they’re decent human beings who know getting all rapey on people is wrong, which is more than I can say for many heterosexual men out there.  *cough*cough*joshduggar*cough*cough*  Mel and Dubo are my soul mates and we are destined to grow old together.  We’ll be 80 years old together, with blue hair, sitting on our retirement home porch and they’ll be laughing their day away as I hurl sexual innuendos at the hot landscaping boys.

We laugh and joke together all the time, me telling them on several occasions that if I spend too much time with them, I might catch “the gay”, like it’s some sort of virus.  We all mutually know it’s being said because the idea of anyone giving a shit about a person’s sexual orientation is fucking preposterous to me.  Again, something I am quite outspoken about.

Well, as of this morning, everyone with something negative to say can go suck it because the SCOTUS finally pulled their heads out of their asses and made it so no state can ban gay marriage.  This is a GIANT moment in history!

One that I am about to shit alllllll over by picking on EVERY DAMN HEADLINE I have read this morning.

Can we PLEASE stop calling it “gay” marriage???  It’s just marriage, people.  Two adults who want to exclusively bone one another until they’re old and wrinkly and draw their final breath.  I don’t care who you are into getting pelvic with, that is the layman’s definition of marriage.


And the argument about gay people ruining the sanctity of marriage???  That’s the biggest load I have ever heard.  Ever.  The sanctity of marriage pretty much crumbled to dust when house wives started bangin’ the pool boy while their husbands were in a seedy motel room getting a golden shower from a hooker.  I think……yeah, that pretty much did it.

Additionally, can we all please stop saying “gay rights”????  Gay.  Straight.  Curved a little to the left while hanging upside down.  I don’t care what a person is described as.  It’s simply human rights and that’s all that should matter.  And that goes for any rights movement, whether it be gender, sexual orientation, or race.  HUMAN rights.  Human, human, human.

If you think of all of this on the level of what HUMANS are “allowed” to do, none of the arguments matter anymore.  Stop caring if your neighbor is getting blown by a woman or a man and concentrate on bettering yourself.  The less time you spend worrying about what others are doing, the more time you have to figure out your own shit, because trust me.  Everyone who complains about what LGBT community are getting up to are just as fucked up as the rest of us.  They just refuse to admit it to anyone.  That doesn’t make them better.  That makes them finger-pointing assholes.

Let go of hatred and embrace love.

That’s all this whole argument was ever about.  One human being’s right to love another unconditionally.  One human being’s right to stand in front of their friends and family and make the biggest mistake of their lives, just like all the straight folk do.

Okay, I’m just playing there.  A little.

As someone who was married and divorced twice by 32 years old, my views on marriage are a little…….skewed.  Would I ever stand in the way of two people wanting to commit to each other for the rest of their lives???  Hell no!  They’re entitled to end up divorced too!

Seriously, though.  Congratulations to all my friends who have been waiting for way too long to be able to say ‘I do’!   This is a moment in history I am really proud to say I witnessed and I couldn’t be happier for all of you!

Alright, back to writing!  #amwriting


Jena Sig XXX


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