You’re all very lucky I even remembered to wear pants. #justsayin #amwriting

I don’t know what to do with myself today.  I feel naked.  (*in my head, that came out as “nekkid”*).

Today, I owned my morning routine like a boss.  I was up and ready to go LONG before I needed to be, so, I started cleaning.  I got so caught up in the the geeker joy of cleaning that I didn’t realize I hadn’t finished packing up my mobile office (a.k.a. the Swiss Army backpack I essentially live out of).

I got to work and did my usual:  unpack my writing notebooks, my badge, my cell phone, my headphones, my Kindle, my memory key………

MY MEMORY KEY!!!!!!!!!!!


After the face plant I did on my desk out of sheer panic, and a moment or two of jumbled thought, I remembered exactly where it is.

book case-1

What you’re seeing is one of the two book cases on my headboard.  That black space at the tip of the arrow is one of my Kindles.  On top of said Kindle is my frikkin memory key!

See, when I got home last night, I had delusions of grandeur in which I would sit down and write until my fingers bled.


That didn’t happen.

Instead, I watched another six episodes of Heroes.  Speaking of Heroes, I will be posting my thoughts on it once I finish my binge watch.  This is my first time through watching it and I am on S03E04.  Wont take me much longer.

Anyway, so, I have all my notes and hand-written dialog for all of my current WIP’s.  There is absolutely nothing to keep me from writing except that I cant tinker with what I already have done, but that might not be an altogether bad thing.

I am going to spend the day today working on a few other scenes between day-jobby calls.  I have PLENTY of material to work from, so, memory key or not, there is no excuse for me to not bust out a fat word count today.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous Thursday! I will probably pop in later this afternoon to share a snippet with you.  😉   *smoooooooooch*


Jena Sig XXX


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