I am doing a Water Challenge! And subsequently running to go pee every three minutes.


Greetings, humans!

Today begins Day 1 of the water challenge I am participating in.  The purpose of this challenge is to replace the shit you consume with water. So, no more soda for me.  No more garbage.  I can still have my morning coffee, but this morning, I used just a pinch of sugar and fat free half-n-half.

To determine how much water you should be consuming, you take your weight and divide it by two.  The resulting number is the number of ounces you should be consuming.

To find out my number, I had to weigh myself for the first time in FOREVER.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when I hopped on the scale and found that it read 17lbs less than the last time I stepped on it.

Today’s Weight:    169.5lbs
Goal Water Consumption:  85oz

That means I have to drink 2.5 of these bad mammajammas:

Poland Springs Water – 33.8oz (1 liter)


I am already up to two a day, so, adding another half a bottle should be easy peasy!   I will tell you, the two bottles I’ve been consuming have definitely made me feel WORLDS better, but I pee like a mofo!  I feel like I spend all my time running for the bathroom now.  lol


Wish me luck!  I will post an update tomorrow to let you know whether or not I met my goal.

Also, anyone want to do the challenge with me????  You don’t have to share numbers or anything.  Just comment daily on whether or not you met your water goal.


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