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Whovians! Where are you and how bad are you freaking out right now???

I have a confession to make. I got lost on Doctor Who during the Peter Capaldi time and only loosely paid attention during Jody Whittaker’s run. It’s not that I had anything against either on of them. If nine, ten, and eleven were a fireworks show, the beginning of Peter Capaldi’s turn felt like one of those little plastic champagne poppers. It’s not that he was bad, it just that the show had an emotionally heavy run and his first episodes were full of floof. A few missed episodes later, I got behind and never fully returned. I’d watch and episode here and there but hadn’t really invested.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the latest episode of Doctor Who. Read on if you don’t care on iota.

A week ago, Jody Whittaker’s take on the Doctor came to an end ultimately shocking everyone by regenerating back into the visage of the tenth Doctor, something that isn’t supposed to happen.

Of course, I’m intrigued. Since I’ve missed so much and have no solid idea of what’s been happening in the overall story arc, I decided to rewatch Doctor Who between now and the return in 2023. It’s a good show for throwing on the third screen when I’m working because I don’t have to physically stare at the screen to know what’s happening. In the last twenty-four hours, I’ve gone through several of my favorite story lines, one of which technically spanned two Doctors: Bad Wolf

EASTER EGG OF SORTS: Do we have any Whovians out there?

The title BAD WOLF started out as a bit of an inside joke (so inside, I was the only one in on it). I’m a great big Doctor Who fan and one of my favorite story lines is Rose Tyler and that time she absorbed the Time Vortex from the heart of the TARDIS. She did it in an attempt to save the Doctor and so she sprinkled a breadcrumb trail throughout time to get her to that point. Those breadcrumbs were the words BAD WOLF.

When I was tossing around title ideas for this book, that popped into my head and I laughed a bit at the thought that my book could be one of Rose’s breadcrumbs. I put it in the column of title candidates (because it really did fit the book) but didn’t plan on actually using it. I figured that by the time I was done writing the book, I would work out the real title. However, I reached the end of the first draft and BAD WOLF was it.

So, although it has nothing to do at all with the TV series or even the Doctor Who genre, it’s my tiny little love note to my fellow Whovians out there.

Bad Wolf Update!, February 4, 2021

As an added cherry on top, Catherine Tate is also coming back, which is brilliant. They’re so much fun together. Down below is a sketch they did together for Red Nose Day’s Comic Relief.

Their reprisal is not a long term thing, from what I understand. According to Screenrant, he and Tate are only playing out a three episode arc but I will take whatever I can get.

Have you kept up with the series?

What do you think of the latest regeneration twist??

Let me know in the comments.

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