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Itty Bitty Review: Alaska Daily

Fans of The Newsroom have a new rogue journalist
show to watch and I’m hooked after just one episode!

Alaska Daily was in my recommendations on Hulu this morning and it turned out to be an excellent match. Here’s a very generalized version of the premise without blowing any plotlines:

A hotshot investigative journalist in NYC is “cancelled” and with no other plans beyond finishing a book to tell her side of the story, she accepts a job offer in Alaska to help shed light on a pattern of missing-then-murdered indigenous women.

I was a huge fan of HBO’s The Newsroom. Though not as intense a pace as The Newsroom, Alaska Daily has much the same feel about it. Though fictional stories, the topics are very much plucked from the headlines. The drama is heavy and it very much feels like truth and honor are on the line. There are also moments of levity but the humor tends to be on the darker side, which I love.

What I’ve seen of the casting is really good. I mean, Hilary Swank is such a well of talent. She doesn’t know how to be shit at anything. Her character is damn good at what she does and she knows it. She knows how to get shit done and doesn’t love the word no. Jeff Perry (Scandal, My So-Called Life) plays her boss at The Alaskan Daily. He’s a career local journalist who is trying to do good work in between snarky comments. I love him already. There are a few other familiar faces but most of the cast are young actors I’m unfamiliar with, but they all seem to have real promise.

If you haven’t checked out Alaska Daily yet, I highly recommend it. I cant wait for the second episode to air tomorrow night.

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