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Guys! The Shades Of Blood series has officially been added to my TBR pile!

Shades of Blood is an urban fantasy series
with fade-to-black romantic scenes.

Shades of Blood Book One

The streets of London are overrun with vampires, and Magdalene Shelley may be the only one left to hunt them.

As a sunstrider – a vampire fueled by blood and the light of day – Magdalene took a sacred oath to protect humanity from her darker cousins, the nightwalkers. But her fellow sunstriders are missing, leaving her to fight alone.

Is Magdalene the last of her kind?

Corrupted magic hangs in the air, and as she struggles to uncover rays of truth in the hunt for her missing kin, she is haunted by the crimes of her past…

And stalked by the dangerous romance that lured her to commit them.

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Shades of Blood Book Two

Magdalene Shelley is a vampire sworn to the protection of humanity, a sunstrider marked by eyes of molten gold. But after her last battle with her corrupted counterparts, the nightwalkers, a silver mote has infected her eye.

During that battle, she may have vanquished the sorceress pulling the strings of the nightwalker Ragnar, but that doesn’t mean her troubles are over.

For Ragnar lives on, flooding the streets of London with ghouls to keep Magdalene busy while he heals and rebuilds. It’s working.

While Magdalene struggles to keep London safe, a new threat looms. Not only did her last encounter with Ragnar infect her with nightwalker power, but her love, Lucien, has taken on more of those dark powers than his body can bear.

Magdalene must find a way to destroy Ragnar once and for all before the city and the man she loves are lost.

Even if it means drawing on her forbidden powers.

Now Available!


Shades of Blood Book Three

One eye of silver, one of gold.

Magdalene Shelley is a vampire torn between two worlds – the sunstriders, sworn to humanity’s protection, and the nightwalkers, sworn to their destruction. Her order has put her on probation until she can prove that her oath to humanity remains.

But a flood of ghouls are running wild, filling the void left by the destruction of an ancient nightwalker, and they’re threatening more than human lives.

For the abundance of supernatural beings in London has drawn the attention of a power so very ancient and dangerous that the world has forgotten its name.

As the shadows of London thicken with danger, Magdalene may have to sacrifice everything she loves to save the world from destruction.

Coming November 8th!




Bestselling author JENA GREGOIRE was born and raised in New Hampshire, USA, and despite her abhorrence for any season which dares to drop to a temperature below seventy degrees, she still currently resides there with her two children and several furbabies. Always a passionate reader, her love of urban fantasy books inevitably morphed into a love of writing them.

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