Guys! Check out A Touch of Death by J.J. Dean!

After being abducted and held prisoner for five years, Novia Bourne’s world is torn apart by her captors as they thwart her first and only chance to escape. Forced into making the decision of life or death lands her in the arms of four devastatingly handsome Naturals; a vampire, a shifter, a mage, and an incubus. These strangers offer her the freedom she never thought she’d see again. All of that is threatened and hope dwindles when buried secrets reveal themselves.

The entire world of Naturals is at risk when a forgotten prophecy is brought to light. Novia’s secret is one that could bring about their salvation…or their destruction. Gifted with abilities no Fae should possess, Novia becomes a coveted weapon the humans will do anything to recapture.

With her freedom and the lives of her four Naturals hanging in the balance, will Novia’s life fall into the hands of those who wish to use her? Or will she find the strength to fight for the future she longs for? Soon she’ll learn, a chance at life will always require… A Touch of Death.

* This is a Reverse Harem novel. #whychoose  Recommended 18+ due to mature language and situations.


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