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Good evening, everyone!  🙂  I did one of these a while back as a little writer-to-writer present for my friend Liz Long.  This one is a quick update and a shout out to my new (and some old) friends is the #SPNFamily Support Group on Facebook.  These ladies enjoy Supernatural as much as I do, and I wanted to let them know why I wont be around much for the next few days.  So, ladies, this is for you.  😉

I’m not going to be around the group much in the next week or so, and I wanted to explain why…..Supernatural style.

Dean Still

As you all know, I’m a writer.  As a writer, I’m supposed to spend the majority of my time writing.  As of late, that hasn’t been possible simply because of life getting in the way.  I’m a single mom of two kids, a 15-year-old girly spawn and a 6-year-old man cub.

But I’m back!  Sort of.

This coming weekend, I have two back-to-back days where my man cub is going to be with his dad.  While I will miss him, I’m also stupid-excited because that means two days of writing in peace and quiet.  When I don’t have him here, I can get 5k-15k words written in ONE DAY.  Last weekend, I had a day to myself, and I cranked out 7k words.  The moms out there know how kids his age are.  They still require a lot of time and attention, and at the end of the day, my kids will always come first.

With my two days off from being Mom, I have a plan to wrap up DANCE WITH THE DEVIL, the next installment in the Demon Legacy series.  I hit some writers block earlier this year.  That was my first problem.

Writing Is Hard

Tell me about it, Chuck.  When writers block kicks in, something I love doing starts to feel like a chore, and I really don’t like that at all.

I came up with several plans of attack to kick around for a few weeks.

Plan A for the story would have been stale,
so I 86’ed that one without even writing in any of it.

Plan B for the story felt very flat.
Like, two dimensions, icky flatness.

Chuck and I both had the same feeling after rereading it:this sucks ass

Plan C for the story was much better, but it still needed…….something….

Plan D

Shut it, Crowley.  I’m getting there.  You’re being pushy.

It's How I Show Love

I know, but it’s rude.  You’re just being a dick.

that was dramatic

Really Crowley?  Glass houses, homie.

That’s what happens when you act like a bitchy drama queen.
Shit gets dramatic.  Get bent!

Talk Dirty


Now, can you please go find something to do?
I’m trying to get this blog post up before I switch to writing for the day.


Yes, but not right now.

stupid short sighted little prat

just want to be loved

deserve to be loved



I love you.

i love you too

Hell to Raise

You’re quite pleased with yourself, aren’t you?

A little

Crowley Smirk

Holy Crap

I know.  Just ignore him.
The whole ‘King of Hell’ thing has gone to his head.
Let’s get back to the blog post.

As I was saying before I was so RUDELY interrupted…

After a complete series rewatch of my Winchester boys, my muse is back!  I have lots of great ideas, and the whole thing is now completely mapped and ready to go with some new creatures, a love story twist, and loads more action.

Full of surprises

I wanted to bring something new to the table with the series.  Now that the stage is set with the demon problem, the Supernatural universe inspired me to introduce some new players to the series.  I’ve always wanted to bring other creatures in,
and these guys are going to be a lot of fun to write.

They Ate My Tailor

No, Crowley, they didn’t.  That was a bunch of demons.

Going to get my gun

Dean, you don’t have to do that.  Really.  I’m sure Crowley will behave himself.

king of the crossroads

Maybe not.

Cleaning Suns 1

Well then…

So, in Dance With the Devil, I’ve taken the story line,
added in these new characters, and tweaked their mythology a bit.

Latest Book Is Weird

I wont get into exactly what they are, because it’s kind of a surprise in the book, but I will say they’re very bad news, they’re out of Greek mythology, and their lore in the Demon Legacy series is only just loosely based on their original origin story (Original origin story? Is that right?).  I took where they came from and how they do what they do, and I tweaked it.

Good Time

They’re scary, but writing them has been awesome.  And this direction with this particular book has once again shifted the direction of the series allowing me to bring in more titles.  So, instead of five full length books, we’re now going to be looking at seven, maybe eight.  I’ve got each title’s basic story line mapped out and ready to go.  🙂

You're Awesome

🙂  Aw, thanks Dean.  That means a lot coming from you.

oh you

Okay, don’t go all cornball on me.  I like you much better when you’re all dark and broody, and especially when you’re being a big ol’ bad ass with a gun.



Perky Nipples


Your nipples are wonderful, but no.

Alright Fine

Cleaning Guns 2

Dean Glare

Dean Guns 3

Dean Still 2

Dean Guns6

Dean Guns 4

Dean Guns Undo Better Qty

You think you’re cute, huh?

I think I'm adorable

You’re right.  You really are.

Dean Eyebrows

i appreciate your enthusiasm

Chuck’s right.  This blog post is becoming much longer than I had intended.
We need to get back on track here.

Rather Have You

Dean.  Manners, dude.

Seriously 2

Sorry, Dean’s getting all butthurt because
I’ve been ignoring him and Sammy for a few days.

And that’s what I was getting to.

I was going to take a long break from the great, big rewatch
(we can just pretend you all don’t know I’m on round 2…)
because those Winchester boys are too damn distracting.

Again Really

I know it’s a sore subject, Dean, but I have to bring it up to fill everyone in.

Dean has a very persuasive way about him.
When I told him I was leaving the Supernatural world for a while,
he brought up a point I just couldn’t muster an argument for:

Crazy People

Right????  I told you.  Veeeeeeeery persuasive.

He made his feelings on the subject very clear:you're ours

So, I agreed to keep going with the rewatch as background noise, but I have to take a break from posting and interacting in the group for a few days.  I have the opportunity to write every night this week after the man cub goes to bed, Thursday I can write from about 5pm on, and then Saturday and Sunday are wide open for writing.

We Got Work To Do

Well, not so much you guys, but I certainly do.  The shift in story line means approximately 20,000 extra words, but with how much writing time I have this week, Ishould still be able to bang out the last of the manuscript by the end of the weekend.

I promise to stop in at least a couple of time over the next few days,
but aside from that, I will be back next Monday morning.  🙂

With that, I leave you with this:Puddingjena sig 2015


Bestselling author JENA GREGOIRE was born and raised in New Hampshire, USA, and despite her abhorrence for any season which dares to drop to a temperature below seventy degrees, she still currently resides there with her two children and several furbabies. Always a passionate reader, her love of urban fantasy books inevitably morphed into a love of writing them.

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