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I started watching Supernatural a few years back.  At the time, I didn’t know many people who were into the show.  Then I admitted to liking it online and found out that the #SPNFamily is staggering.  It doesn’t matter the social media platform, it’s easy to find someone who is as big a fan as you are.

Even more fun is corrupting the innocence of others.  *insert evil grin here*

Which is what led to five little words ruining my life all over again…



Last week was Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s debut appearance in his turn as Negan on The Walking Dead.  I have been waiting ALLLLLL season for this.  JDM is one of those actors who is on my list of men I cant be trusted around IRL.  I loved him as Denny on Grey’s Anatomy way back in the day, and of course, I loved him as Big Daddy Winchester on Supernatural.

Last Sunday night, in the final ten minutes of the season finale of TWD, this was me:

Where it all started

Negan is why people like me go to therapy.  lol  I am in looooooooooove with this character and JDM owns the shit out of that roll.  I’ve been dying to see him play a real bad guy, and Negan is most certainly that.

But….negan 013

negan 011

Negan 012

… matter what he does or how bad he gets…..

negan 1

negan 2…..I think he might still be my favorite character on TWD, and more importantly, he will always be John Winchester.

Anyway, a few days later, my friend Heather posted about how much she loves Negan.  So, of course, I was all “Psssh!  I loooooooove me some Negan, but that’s Daddy Winchester.  OMG, you NEED to see him as John Winchester.”  Heather had never really seen Supernatural.  Episodes here and there, but she wasn’t able to get into it.  So I forced the issue.  lol

She agreed to give it a watch and the last time I spoke with her, she was on S01E09.  Part of me was a little bit jealous that she was going to get to watch it all over again.  That night, while surfing for something to watch while I worked, I put on Supernatural S01E01.  It’s now five days later and I am on S04E09.  It’s pretty much been playing non stop while I work, while I write, while I color, everything.  lol  However, I will say one thing.  It’s been great for my productivity.  lol  I find that I work into the wee hours of the night simply because I lose track of time, working and listening to the show as it plays in the background.  I have been blown away by how much I had forgotten about over the course of the show.  I mean, a LOT has happened and I’m only a little way through season four.

Because I know that going down the Supernatural rabbit hole will RUIN YOUR DAMN LIFE, I opened up a group on Facebook so Heather could have a place to go and FLIP OUT when something big happens during her maiden binge-watch.  Any SPN fans that want in are welcome, just go request to join here.

I will do another post about Supernatural as Heather makes it further into her rewatch. She reads my blog (Hi Heather!!!!), so I dont want to say too much because to her, a lot could be big spoilers, and I want her to watch without it being ruined for her.  I had all these great animated gifs to share, but I had to trim this post down by quite a bit to avoid spoilers.  For the fans, you’ll get these.  Heather, if you haven’t made it there yet, you will soon.  😉

jena sig 2015

OH!  And Heather just posted the greatest Supernatural workout to do while you binge-watch.  I included it at the bottom of this post.  🙂

dads notebook

house rules sammy

driver picks the music shotgun shuts his cakehole


dude you fugly

I think I'm adorable



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  1. Lorna says:

    This is where I admit to only seeing three of them after I first got Netflix. Just didn’t get into it. But I have thinking about going back to it because everyone seems to love it. Did you watch The Good Wife this year? Cause he’s the love interest. So good!

    1. Oh you totally need to get on that! SPN is soooo good. However, I will say Heather said it took her a several episodes to finally become invested. The early episodes move much slower than the rest of the series.

      Regarding The Good Wife, I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s on my watch list. 🙂

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