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The Big, Fat Update on All My WIP’s… #amwriting

I know all of my faithful readers have been waiting patiently for the third installment in my Demon Legacy series, Dance With the Devil.  I just did a check in with my editor the other day to let her know that I will soon have four titles coming her way.

Yes, four.

Since I’ve brought her in the loop, I figured it would be a spectacular time to bring you all in on what I’ve been writing.


Jena Sig XXX


In This Post:

  • Dance With the Devil, Demon Legacy #3
  • Bad Wolf, Executioner #1
  • NEWS  – Oblivion, Standalone Adult Contemporary Romance
  • NEWS – Enraptured, Standalone Adult Rockstar Romance
  • COMING SOON – The Author Toolbox



Demon Legacy #3

Dance is coming along quite nicely.  However, I don’t think it’s going to be ready for 2015.  I’m not quite ready to drive the nail into the coffin on the planned release, but it’s not quite there and, much like Speak of the Devil, I refuse to publish it until I am at least 99% happy with it (I think 100% happy is nearly impossible as I am my own worst critic).  I waited on publishing Speak until I was totally ready and I love that story more than anything I’ve published thus far. 

Dez has gotten herself eyeballs deep into trouble with a dude who just oozes sex and nefarious intentions.  This new dude is sooooo much fun to write and part of me is going to be kind of sad when it’s done.

This book will be finished first, then the rest will fall like dominoes. 



Executioner #1

Jimi Hayes is such a blast.  I’m so excited for everyone else to meet this character.  However, due to the timeline of the stories, this one has to come out after Dance does.  As progress goes, Dance and Bad Wolf are at about the same stage.  I’m about 75% done with both, but I am shifting all of my attention to Dance from here on out to get that finished and in the hands of my editor (which is why I have no set a release date yet, because I still may manage to get it published this year).  Once Dance is off for edits, I will bang out the tail end of Bad Wolf.  The night thing is, I already have the ending all written, I just have to fill in the space in between. 



Standalone Adult Contemporary Romance

Oblivion is a working title, but as it’s looking right now, that’s going to be the final title, unless I find something else that better illustrates what I am trying to say.  This is the one you may have seen me talking about lately referring to it as “the Nick & Lexi project.”  I got it to about the half way mark when I put it on the back burner to focus on Dance.  This one is third in line to be finished and should be releasing just shortly after Dance and Bad Wolf.  



Standalone Adult Rockstar Romance

This one started as a story I was writing just to write.  I spent about a week stuck inspirationally on Dance and Bad Wolf, so I started writing.  What I didn’t expect was to bang out almost 7,000 words in the first sitting.  This one is only at about 20,000 words so far, but by the time it’s done, I’m thinking it’s going to come in somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000-60,000 words.  The story started as a simple dream and within twenty minutes of my first writing binge on it, the entire storyline kind of made itself known in the back of my head.  As of right now, I’m not sure when I plan to release this one.  It would be amazing to have it done for my first 2016 book signing, but I just dont know if that is even possible.  We shall see.  



The Author Toolbox


I have been consolidating all of my publishing related websites to  A few weeks ago, I moved all of the review titles available from PTARC’s over to PTPR, and I had shut down All For Indies with the intention of just scrapping it.  Instead, I’ve decided I’m going to add the content from this site to PTPR.  If you’re not familiar, All For Indies was a database of sorts of indie publishing service providers which had been referred by authors who had actually USED the provider and could vouch for them.  It also included reference materials and tools.  Some of this info I’ve shared lately to help out some authors who are making classic mistakes, and last night, I was thinking about it and decided maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to have it on there, free to public use.  

I will be populating that section of the website today, and since new info comes up regularly, it will be a constantly changing section.  Make sure you go on over to the page and subscribe for new updates.  (((You can subscribe to the blog at the very bottom of the home page)))


That’s it for today, loves!  I might be back on later today for another blog post.  I’m not sure yet, but if not, you can catch me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (see the links in my sidebar menu to the right).  


Jena Sig XXX




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