Aaaaaaaaaand I’m back………and nothing changed.

Yeah, so that grand plan to completely redo my website???  Um, no.  I did what I had in my head, let it sit overnight, and promptly changed that shit back to the fabulousness that it was prior to me getting the bright idea to dick around with it.  I might want to change it someday, but today is not that day.

The last few days have been a bit of a mental shitstorm.  I made the decision to end a professional relationship with a friend and, unfortunately, it may have resulted in a fat wedge driven into our friendship, the likes of which I doubt we’ll overcome.  It’s discouraging, and frankly, I’m already mourning the friendship.  I know in my gut that I made the right choice for my business, but that doesn’t reduce the suck factor.  I’ve spent my entire day today trying my ass off to get into the writing groove and my mind is just simply too preoccupied.  This, ladies and gents, is the potential downside to working with your friends.  All parties involved have to be able to compartmentalize business from personal and I don’t think this particular friend will be able to. *insert sad face here*

With that being said, I don’t think today will be a writing day.  I think today will be a Jena-gets-to-screw-off-until-this-funk-passes day.  Sigh….


Jena Sig XXX

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