Almost there!!! #amwriting #DanceWiththeDevil

I need someone to be excited with me and I don’t really have anyone right now.

What I need is a sounding board – a writer who has read my shit, likes my shit, and would be willing to allow me to bounce ideas off of them when I’m stuck on writing new shit.  I do that for a handful of other writers, some more than others, but I don’t have anyone like that for myself.  Eh, well.  Maybe someday.

In the meantime….

I just figured out the missing puzzle pieces to tie together Dance With the Devil!!!!!!!!!  Now I know how stitch together all the scenes I have written so far, and I have squared away how each puzzle piece is going to impact the others without causing plotholes.

I hate plotholes.

I’m beyond excited right now.  I have several Word docs going on this book now, and I just tallied them all together, and the book is about 60% written, not the 30% or so I was thinking.  Again, STUPID EXCITED!!!  This is really good news, and now that I know how everything will tie together, there is a very real possibility that the first draft of Dance will be done by next weekend.

Be excited with me!!!!













Okay, that’s sufficient.

Back to writing!



Jena Sig XXX



  1. You are awesome, and I am stupid excited for you! I will do my happy dance now 😉 BTW, love the Friends GIF, Ross is such a dork, lol!

    1. lol!! Well, thank you! So are you! 😉

      And when searching for GIF’s, I actually had to rein in my immediate desire to do nothing but Friends GIF’s. lol I really wanted the one of Monica dancing with the turkey on her head. lol

  2. Thomasine says:

    Love the excitement, helps to detour thoughts every once in awhile!

    1. I agree! I also feel that celebrating the things that get you excited help refresh my motivation to get the book finished. 🙂

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