Almost there!!! #amwriting #DanceWiththeDevil

I need someone to be excited with me and I don’t really have anyone right now.

What I need is a sounding board – a writer who has read my shit, likes my shit, and would be willing to allow me to bounce ideas off of them when I’m stuck on writing new shit.  I do that for a handful of other writers, some more than others, but I don’t have anyone like that for myself.  Eh, well.  Maybe someday.

In the meantime….

I just figured out the missing puzzle pieces to tie together Dance With the Devil!!!!!!!!!  Now I know how stitch together all the scenes I have written so far, and I have squared away how each puzzle piece is going to impact the others without causing plotholes.

I hate plotholes.

I’m beyond excited right now.  I have several Word docs going on this book now, and I just tallied them all together, and the book is about 60% written, not the 30% or so I was thinking.  Again, STUPID EXCITED!!!  This is really good news, and now that I know how everything will tie together, there is a very real possibility that the first draft of Dance will be done by next weekend.

Be excited with me!!!!













Okay, that’s sufficient.

Back to writing!



Jena Sig XXX


5 thoughts on “Almost there!!! #amwriting #DanceWiththeDevil

  1. You are awesome, and I am stupid excited for you! I will do my happy dance now 😉 BTW, love the Friends GIF, Ross is such a dork, lol!

    1. lol!! Well, thank you! So are you! 😉

      And when searching for GIF’s, I actually had to rein in my immediate desire to do nothing but Friends GIF’s. lol I really wanted the one of Monica dancing with the turkey on her head. lol

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