How has it been 15 days since we last spoke?!?!?!?

I cannot believe the last time I posted was n July 20th!!!!  I have been so busy, I just didn’t realize how hard I’ve been slacking.  Well, that’s not fair.  I haven’t exactly been slacking.  I have been busting my ass on Pure Textuality PR business.  Good for the PR business, bad for my writing habits.  I wouldn’t say I haven’t written at all, but certainly not nearly enough.

Tonight, I’m afraid, isn’t going to be any different.  I have company coming over tonight for a much needed brain break.


Tomorrow, I am right back to it.  I started working on the second sex scene in the Nick and Lexi project, which was fun, but I need to get the rest of the book typed out.  My stack of hand-written notebook pages is getting a touch out of hand.  lol

Anyway, I miss you guys, and I promise I will be back to daily blogging very soon!  I am soooooo close to done with Jena’s Top 50 Most Beautiful Men.  Maybe that will be my post tomorrow……..

artisloveJena Sig XXX

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