Trying to come up with a title when you never planned on writing the book SUCKS! #amwriting

As you are probably aware by now (mainly because I haven’t shut up about it), I am working on a super-secret project book. This is a story I never planned on and it’s totally not in my wheelhouse, but, it’s happening and it’s happening FAST.

Here’s the problem:

I can’t pick a title to save my ass.

This is a problem for me. Not a serious one, because, really, it’s not going to change the story, but…

Jena Sig XXX

…my borderline OCD tendencies when it comes to my writing won’t allow me to drop it.  I go to sleep thinking about the title and I wake up thinking about the title.  It’s infuriating that I cant just nail that shit down.

I know it will come with time, but it feels like I missed a step because I have had the titles (and in some cases, the covers too) for all of the Demon Legacy books and Executioner books since long before I even started writing them. The title is always closely linked with the story line. Since this story line has come out of nowhere, I feel like I wasn’t really prepared. I know that’s a pretty silly issue in the grand scheme, but I cannot even begin to express how much it is driving me bat shit.

For a while, I was calling it one title as a placeholder of sorts, but I hate it. It’s way too on-the-nose, totally gives up the entire plot, and just sounds dumb. It’s not an option. No way. As I said, it was only a placeholder title just so I knew which Word doc was which in the handful of untitled books I have started.

Anyway, I am working on said project today. I have a LOT written on paper and I need to get it all hammered out on the keyboard. Two of my besties, Mel and Dubo, have read a portion of the book and they love it. The further I get into it, the more excited I am. It may not be a representation of the rest of my work, but the story is in my heart.

Who knows! Maybe this will lead to J.M. Gregoire no longer being exclusively urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Maybe this is the door opening into a world of contemporary romance for me. *shrug* We shall see! That was never the plan, but whatever.

In the meantime, I am going to sit here, work on the book, and try not to obsess over my lack of a title. I make no promises though.

Wish me luck!


Jena Sig XXX

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