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FINALLY! I am up and sputtering again! #amwriting

I just spent the last week in a writing funk and I think I am finally out of it!  Yesterday, I wrote 10 full notebook pages of dialog, and this morning, I am day-jobbing and working on the super-secret project between calls.  The momentum in this one picked right back up where it left off a week ago and I am RELIEVED.  I thought the story died out on me.  Phew!

So, with that, I am outtie.  I will catch all of you either later this afternoon (with a writing check-in) or tomorrow morning.



Jena Sig XXX



Just for giggles.  🙂  I think me and Mr. Martin would get along quite well.  I don’t know.  What do you guys think?  Maybe we should ask Lucas and Natalia.  *queue maniacal laughter*



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