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Is it Friday yet???  I know it’s really early for me to be asking that, but it’s already been a really long week.  Since Saturday, I have gotten around 6,000 words written.  The problem is, my focus is shot, so, those 6,000 words are broken up over 3 different projects.  Here’s what’s happening….

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In this post:

  • My New Contemporary Romance WIP (Unedited Prologue Preview)
  • Reminder:  X-Men DVD Boxed Set Giveaway – RUNNING NOW



Yeah, you read that right.  The urban fantasy chick is writing a contemporary romance.  Two of them, actually, but one of them is stalled.  This new one is something I started this past Saturday evening.  The idea has kind of been rattling around in my head for a while now, but I hadn’t done anything with it.  This weekend, the details of how the plot is going to wrap around and come together worked themselves out and I started writing it out.

The book will be a standalone, and as of right now, it doesn’t have a title yet.  If things keep progressing at the speed they are right now, there is a good chance I will publish this story before Dance With the Devil and Bad Wolf.  As it has nothing to do with that series, I decided I am okay with it happening that way.  🙂

As this is a true contemporary romance, there are also some dirty bits in it as the main characters like to do the no-pants dance together.  So, be aware that this will be an ADULT title.  And I promise not to use terms like “the no-pants dance” in the book.

As a little snippet, here is the prologue to the story.  Please be kind as this is completely unedited and may very well change before the book gets published.



I stare into the smoldering remains of the only place I’ve ever really considered home.  I silently wish the universe would grant me the power to turn back time so I could stop all of this from happening in the first place.  The firefighters scurry about trying their hardest to ensure the fire wont spring back to life.  The air stinks of charred wood and burnt plastic.  The mixture makes my stomach churn and I try swallowing repeatedly.  The flood of hot saliva in my mouth tells me I don’t have long before the night’s events overwhelm me and I lose my lunch.  There is no way someone could have survived the blaze.  Surely, the asshole who wired it up to blow did so assuming I would be fast asleep at this hour.  They probably think I’m dead instead of standing here waiting for the rescue crew to recover the body of the man I love.

And it’s all my fault.

If I hadn’t run, he never would have been brought into my mess.

I’ll never forgive myself.


Another quick reminder that I currently have a giveaway going for a DVD boxed set of the first three X-Men movies.  In case you missed it, here are the details from my post a few days ago:

You’re all probably well aware of my addiction.  I have struggled with it for years, and it’s officially hit the point where it’s taking over my living space.  Of course, I am talking about DVD’s.

When I went out Christmas shopping this year, I picked up a boxed set of X-Men, X-2: X-Men United, and X-3: The Last Stand.  I purchased the boxed set because it was a really, really, really good deal and I thought I was missing the second movie in the series (the price of the boxed set was cheaper than buying the one DVD by itself).

When I got home and started unpacking my haul from the shopping trip, I realized that I actually did have all the movies in the series and didn’t need the boxed set.  So, it’s been sitting on my shelf since Christmas, still in the plastic wrap from the factory.  This past weekend, I got a new book case for my room from a friend of mine.  When I was cleaning up, I saw the boxed set sitting there and thought to myself “self, you know who would love this X-Men boxed set???  My readers, that’s who!!!!”


To enter the giveaway, you just have to be signed up for my newsletter, and you can do so by filling out this short form.  Good luck!!!!


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