Awwww, you guuuuuuys!!! Speak of the Devil feedback is IN!!!

MINIONS!!!!!! I have feedback from 3 betas so far, another one coming very soon, and one more at the end of the week. The 3 I have so far – GREAT FEEDBACK. Everyone has loved the book so far!!! I love this story soooooooooo much, and I am so happy to see others do, too.

I have a very personal tie to so many things in this book because it was inspired by a town I spent some vacation time in, Meadview AZ. It’s out in the middle of nowhere in the northern Arizona desert, right next to the western rim of the Grand Canyon. I spent three days there, and the entire time, I was just in a continuous state of awe over my surroundings. It’s such a beautiful, peaceful place. I genuinely feels like magic. There are no restaurant chains or oil change places. There are no street lights. There is no traffic. Just you, a jaw-dropping view of the Grand Wash cliffs during the day, and the most expansive view I have ever witnessed of the night sky. Now, I live *sort of* out in the country, so I see a SHIT TON of stars on a clear night here. In comparison to Meadview, my normal view of the night sky looks like a cloudy view of midnight in a smog-filled Los Angeles. lol In Meadview, there are so many stars, you’re unable to stop staring at it. It’s absolutely mesmerizing. Ugh.

Going there was life changing for me. I never thought, in my life, I would say I would be willing to move to a remote place like that. Now, the only reason I wouldn’t move there, is my teenage daughter would KILL me. lol I genuinely fell in love with that place, and I will absolutely go there again someday. Who knows! That may be where I retire to.

The storyline from Speak of the Devil was largely inspired by a seed idea my friend Ron gave me when we were driving back to the house we rented for our vacation. In a space of 10 minutes, we brainstormed it a bit, expanded on it, and when I went home, I wrote the story around it. Writing Speak of the Devil has been like mentally hanging out in Meadview for the last year. Sigh…. So, yeah, I love this book. So much. Below is a picture of the sunrise view of the Grand Wash cliffs I took one more while sipping coffee on the deck at 6:30am.


Dreamy, right?

Anyway, I am excited about the beta reactions. I will have 5 betas for feedback on the story and it’s a pool of people I very much trust the option of. They’re a mix of writers, bloggers, and readers, all with very particular taste (not just paranormal romance freaks). I am confident I am getting hard, honest feedback as none of these people are “yes”-men. I was more nervous about sending it to these people than anyone who will read it. lol That they are greenlighting the majority of the book has me beside myself. ūüôā The one thing I have received for “you need to ticker with this part” feedback has been a part of the book I had already suspected was going to need it when I sent the ARC to the team. Having that be the only thing they felt needed work feels indescribable. ūüôā

So, I will keep you guys posted. I *should* still have the release date announced on Friday. I will see how my tinkering. ūüôā


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