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Why didn’t you guys tell me Sons of Anarchy was so amazeballs?!?!?!?! #sonsofanarchy #soa #samcro

I posted this to my Roulette Wheel Confessions site this morning and thought I would share it over here as well. As there is a spoiler warning, feel free to leave comments with your favorite moments from the show!

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Yep. I did it. Six full seasons, plus the three season seven episodes which have aired, in nine fucking days.

When I started out last Saturday night, it was out of a small case of curiosity and that’s it. I almost quit three episodes in because I felt like there as too much missing information in the plot for me to get into. I hung on for one more episode and that’s where the tidbits of missing info started to fall into place.

Before I go any further, I want you all to know this post is going to be RIDDLED with spoilers. If you haven’t watched the show, go watch it, then read this. 😉

Spoiler Alert copy

Not since The Sopranos have I been so hopelessly hooked on a show. It’s dramatic, intense, and gloriously violent to the point of shocking. I am not going to do a recap of the show season by season or anything. I just thought I would touch on the events that blew my fucking mind. There have been quite a few of them. In no particular order….





This was one of those moments in TV history which will live on in infamy, I think. Although Opie is a major character, he’s also kind of on the sidelines for a lot of his time on the show. That being said, when he’s in a scene, it’s always has this crazy weight to it. There’s a tragic sadness to the character, and no matter how derailed he seems to get, he’s such a lovable soul.

So when he bit it….


The moment of impact made me jump and rendered me completely speechless. That was a HORRIBLE FUCKING PLOT POINT. Poor Opie…..


And here’s one of Opie’s funnier moments (he’s talking about the strippers at a local club  lol).


Opie, you will be missed….



I wont lie. I was pulling for Opie in this moment. Bitch got what she deserved. Period.




So, Tig Trager is definitely a character you either love or hate.  He’s a sick fucker with a heart of gold.  He admits to having sex with dead bodies and animals and his moral compass appears to be smashed to bits at times, but he loves his family with a ferocity not found in many, and that family includes the Sons.


I am one of those who happens to love his character.  I find him hilarious, regardless of how fucked up his humor is.

My heart absolutely broke for him when his daughter was burned alive.  It was such a completely emotional scene.  This man, who would think nothing of putting a bullet between your eyes, reduced to an empty shell in a matter of seconds.  It was so tough to watch.  Kim Coates has me as a fan for life after his performance as Tig.  




He had his moments where I thought sure he was going to lose his shit, but he held it together.  To lighten things up a bit for a moment, here’s some of my favorite Tiggy moments.

you alright


totally erect





Tara and Jax are a couple I wasn’t sure about.  She was a little too goody goody for him, but maybe that’s what he needed and that’s why they worked.  Like a fungus, she grew on me, and I ended up absolutely loving them together.  I think part of me saw Tara as Jackson’s road to salvation.  When a character loses their salvation, it’s only natural that they would go off the rails, and that’s exactly what Jax is doing….


She spent the better part of her existence on the show dodging one kind of attack or another from Gemma.  I guess it was only fitting that she was the bitch to do it.  I was absolutely STUNNED when Gemma took Tara out….

tara death

I would say it was cold, but the truth is, that shit was full on emotion.  It was nothing but unbridled HATRED.  The whole scene was shockingly brutal and left me sitting on the edge of my seat for a good three minutes, staring at my TV screen, wondering if I had just witnessed what I thought I had witnessed.


I cant imagine that secret will just die in the final season, but I am almost scared to see the moment when Jax finds out what Gemma has done.


So I am now officially a Sons of Anarchy addict.  Just in time for the fucking show to come to an end.  I am going to enjoy the shit out of the last season………then you’ll probably find me somewhere reading fanfic.  lol


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