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Speak of the Devil, Facebook sucks, my newsletter, TWO giveaways, paperbacks, and a face lift.

Good evening, minions!! Holy hell. I thought I didn’t have enough to say to warrant a whole blog post, but here we go!

As some of you cyber stalkers out there may have seen it already, but I have been doing a little update to my site. What do you think?? I was updating my About The Author section and decided the whole website really looked like it was put together by a troop of men suffering from testosterone poisoning, so, I decided to fix it. Girly it up a bit. Not too much, because that’s really not me, but enough to let everyone know that I have woman bits.

Along with the little face lift project, I decided to start a newsletter. It might be once a week, it might be once a month. I’m not sure yet. The newsletter will contain my book news (obvi), but it’s going to contain lots of other fun stuff. There will be a section of hilarity called Interwebz Gold, in which I will post something positively ridiculous and funny that I find in my adventures on the web. There will also be giveaways and contests exclusive to the newsletter subscribers (I wont be posting them anywhere else). Exclusive content and deleted scenes. Birthday shout outs and little gifties to the subscribers. A ‘What I’m Reading’ section with micro-reviews. Plus some other stuff I am still working out. I have a long list of things I would like to include, I just have to cut it down a bit.

Everyone who signs up for the newsletter between now and September 30, 2014 @ 11:59pm EST will be entered to win 1 of 10 signed and personalized paperbacks of The Devil You Know, the first installment in the Demon Legacy series. Share this sign up form!! If we hit more than 200 subscribers, I will up the count to 20 paperbacks!!!

The winners of the paperbacks will be announced here in the newsletter, along with the newsletter’s new name! Got a suggestion for the name??? Email it to me at, and if I pick your suggestion, and can confirm you are also subscribed to the newsletter, you get a $20 Amazon gift card!

(Authors and bloggers should both read this….)
It’s no secret that Facebook is the root of all evil. We’re all addicted to it, and, I dont have proof, but I’m pretty sure The Devil was on the Facebook masthead. (*I’m kidding, of course, but hear me out*) If you have a Facebook fan page, I’m sure you’ve felt the frustration which comes with having thousands of “likes”, and only reaching 100 people when you post something. It’s irritating. I have bitched about it, but, in the end, Facebook is a business, and they have to make money. The only way to reach more followers is to post every 15 minutes (more likes/comments = more exposure, but who has time for that?!?) OR pay out the ass. The problem I have with that is I have spent the “lots of dollars” (esurance?) with Facebook and got NEARLY NOTHING in return. No change. I have a little over 2,300 people who have liked my fan page and whenever I post news, the number of people who usually see it is about 87 (Odd number, right? It’s come up tons of times on my posts!). I decided the best way to get the news out to my readers is to have them join my newsletter. Then Facebook can go fuck themselves. I will still post my news on there and still be active on there, but with a newsletter, the chances of my readers missing something important is MUCH lower.



Today I submitted the final files for the paperback version of The Devil You Know and these will be available for sale on Amazon and my site (payment via PayPal). However, signed copies are only available through giveaways and at events. So, if you want yours signed, you should come see me at a live event or sign up for my newsletter. (See what I did there?) I will let everyone know the second they are live.

I know you’ve heard it several times now, but Speak of the Devil is almost done. Officially. It’s written in full and now I am just doing some tweaking. With the holiday weekend, I have 3 days of writing time. I am hoping to bang out the rest of what I have to get done on my self-editing to-do list this weekend. Then it goes out to betas, then my editor. Once I have it back from the editor, I will be deciding on my release date. So, stay tunes (OR GO SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER!!!)

You will all hear from me real soon. The second I hit save on my final change in Speak, you better believe all of social media will be flooded with me freaking out.

I love you all and thank you so much for your undying support. You’re rockstars, for realsies!


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