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‘Speak of the Devil’ Update….

Good morning, minions, and Happy Hump Day!

Almost there!  I AM ALMOST THERE!!!  I have some finishing touches to put on this bad mammajamma and Speak of the Devil will be DONE.  

Coming Soon Banner Red

My editor is dying to get her paws on it, so I am sure she will be relieved to see this post.  I probably have about 3 more days worth of work to do on it, then it will be ready to fire off to her.

Getting this book ready has been a much longer road than I had planned, but I am incredibly happy with the result.  I love the story and I cant wait to get started on the next book.  I had a story revelation this morning on my way to work, and you guys are either going to love me for the next book, and you’re going to hate me with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.  We shall see…

Anyway, just wanted to drop in and give you an update.  🙂  I desperately need coffee and then I am back to working on Speak.



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