NEWS: Speak of the Devil Update…

Greetings, humans!

I announced this on my Facebook page the other day, but wanted to post something here for those who may have missed it.

I have decided to postpone the release of Speak of the Devil, and I am not going to announce a new release date quite yet.  I want to have the book in my editor’s hands before I commit to a date.

It’s so very, very close to being done, I am just not 100% happy with it.  Not yet.  It’s almost there, and given my “advice” in the Open Letter to Indie Authors, I decided to wait until I am sure I am hitting publish on a book that is the best I can make it be.

So, for now, I have changed the Goodreads page to say August 2014.  However, Speak will be published much sooner than that.  I just dont know the exact date yet.

Thank you all so much for your continued support!  I am, as always, so very grateful!


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