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Speak of the Devil – A Blurb, A Trailer, and a Release Date!


If you follow me on Twitter and-slash-or Facebook, you have already seen this, but in case you dont….


First, the release date!  Speak of the Devil will be hitting the digital bookshelves on May 27, 2014!!!!

Second, the blurb!!

Nearly half a year has passed since Asmodeus opened the gateway allowing an unknown number of demons to spill onto our plane of existence.  A fatal standoff has left Dez on her own to hunt the stray demons down and send them back to Hell where they belong.  Her life has become a never-ending cycle of violence and bloodshed, further tainted by a deepening depression and a longing for the person she had to leave behind.

When Dez receives an unexpected phone call, she makes her way to the northern Arizona desert to see an old friend.  Upon arrival, there is a message waiting for her from beyond the grave, and she realizes before she can go any further, she must face the one thing she’s been dreading for months.  To make matters worse, the message is meant to help her mission, but it forces Dez into an impossible choice.

Only Dez can decide which road to take, but will she be able to handle the consequences of her decision?

And last but certainly not least, the trailer!!!  This was my second try at creating a book trailer.  The first try was basically the same as this one, it just didn’t include the blurb.  When I wrote the blurb, I decided to redo the trailer to include it and I tightened up some of the things I wasn’t happy with in the first one.  So, without further ado…


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  1. I love this! What a great way to build interest and excitement in advance of the release date.

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