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The Devil You Know got a facelift, Burning is getting a reboot, and I am DONE WRITING!!!

So, BIG NEWS!!! I just finished doing the write-in edits of The Devil You Know. The document has been sent to 2 of my 3 betas (Simone, I promise it’s coming!! I need to retrieve your email address from my Facebook and I can’t access it where I am at the moment.) for a quick overnight read and they will give me the heads up on any weak spots. . I am doing one more read through to catch any typos or what have you. Once I hear back from them tomorrow, I will fix anything that needs fixing and then it is off to my editor on Friday.

Once TDYK is in with her, I will be relaunching the new and improved version of Burning!! Out of sheer boredom, my editor polished Burning up for me so you Kindle folks out there will soon be getting an Amazon message letting you know there’s an updated version available.

Along with editing changes comes a new cover for Burning too!!

Wait, wait, wait! I need to back up a bit. I had said a LONG time ago that before I publish TDYK, I wanted it to have a facelift. After seeing a sneak peek of Brandy Dorsch’s cover for her debut novel Everlasting Hunger, I immediately contacted her graphic artist and booked my TDYK Facelift. Here’s the product:

Gorgeous right?!?!?! I love it! It’s such a huge step up from how the cover looked before! The graphic artist I used was Rachel over at ShoutLines Design. One of the COOLEST aspects of having her do my cover is when she was ready, she shot me a Facebook message and asked if I wanted to watch. I then got an invite to a web-meeting of sorts where I could view her desktop and watch in real-time as she put the cover together. We talked through it as she went so she could create exactly what I was looking for. It was a fantastic experience all around. Fantastic enough that I am hiring her again to redo the cover of Burning and to redo the cover of Speak of the Devil. I am SO EXCITED!! I can’t wait to see how those come out!

That’s all my news at the moment. While the betas have TDYK, I need to get my hind parts in gear and write the blurb for the back of the book. I will post that here as soon as it is done.

Once again, thank you all SO MUCH for your continued support!! You’re all amazing!!!


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