Burning is officially (and PERMANENTLY) a FREE Kindle book on Amazon!!!! And…..

Good grief!!!  It has taken WEEKS of me submitting the free Kobo link to Amazon every day but they FINALLY listened!!!  Burning is officially a FREE book on Amazon!! 

I originally set out to give Lucas and Natalia’s story away and it has taken me seven months to get it there but I can finally say that Burning is yours for the taking!  So tell everyone you know!  Go grab it for yourself!  Even if I sent you the raw file, go grab yourself the Kindle copy!  This week, I am signing up on Kindlegraph so I can autograph the Kindle copies (more details on that once I am up and running!). 


To top off this lovely news about Burning being FREE on Kindle, I also noticed something else when I was out on Burning’s Kindle page.  As of right now, Burning is #38 on the Kindle Urban Fantasy chart!!!!  #38 is pretty damn spectacular in my opinion!!

Once again, thank you ALL!!!!  You’re amazing!!  And I soooooo cannot WAIT for June when The Devil You Know comes out!!!!!

In other news, in case you missed it yesterday, I released the cover of Speak of the Devil (Demon Legacy #2)!!!!  CLICK HERE to check it out!

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