@BradMeltzer on @Nerdist, the #Batfleck suit post by @the_batforce, and I #amwriting.

Good morning, party people!  I am just going to stop in super-fast this morning.  I plan on spending my day working on either Dance With the Devil or the untitled Nick/Lexi project.  Not sure which yet, but the plan is to write something today.  In my defense, yesterday’s blog post was over 2,000 words.  I am counting that in the writing win column, but it didn’t get either of my works in progress any closer to being done.  That sound you hear is me cracking the whip at myself…

Anyway, there are two reasons I am popping in today:  Brad Meltzer and the Batfleck suit…

Jena Sig XXX

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Just had to share. #BatmanVSuperman #Batman #Superman #DawnOfJustice #DCComics

Good morning, ladies and gents!  I am sure most of you have already seen it, but I figured I would share just in case.  😉  I will be the first to admit I was very skeptical of the whole Batflecck thing, but Zack Snyder appears to have pulled together an epic movie.  He tweeted out the trailer, so, I am posting it here!  I’M SO EXCITED!!!  I CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!


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Jena Sig XXX


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