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WRITERS! Introducing the Wordboss Author Life Planner

HUMANS! Are you a writer??? I designed and published a 320-page planner just for you. This is NOT a calendar, agenda, or day planner. There is a live preview peek inside if you read down through the post. They’re available exclusively through Amazon and if you’re a Priome member, you get 2-day delivery (where available)

The Wordboss Author Life Planner is a 320-page organization and story planning tool to help writers stay on task in a way that encourages creativity and career growth.

The minimalist theme is designed as such so you can personalize your Wordboss Author Life Planner and make it your own. Get your Wordboss Author Life Planner and take the craziness out of your writing career today!

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a calendar-based day planner. While there are calendars within the planner for social media planning and writing productivity tracking, this planner is not designed to manage your day-to-day agenda.

Here is an abbreviated look at the pages included in the planner!

Actual planner is 320 pages in length.

Having trouble seeing the live preview? Visit this page instead to peek inside!

Click on your favorite cover to order your planner today!

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