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Want to Be Part of the Writing Process? Beta Readers Wanted!

HUMANS! I’m accepting applications to join my beta team. In addition to early copies of my books, beta team members will enjoy lots of fun perks including giveaways and surprises in your mailbox. However, all team members must adhere to the guidelines below. 

I’m looking to put together a team of five people only: one book blogger, two professional writers, and two readers (not industry professionals beyond beta reading). However, I’d be open to having a few more if the right people were interested.

Please read carefully, and serious inquiries only.


A beta reader is someone who reads a completed manuscript prior to the bulk of the editing process to catch things that could hold up the editing process such as plot holes or contradictions in the story. Beta readers typically work without payment. However, I believe you should be compensated for your time and have worked out an exchange offer for the team.


All beta team members:
📚 Must be willing to agree to absolute confidentiality.
📚 Must not care about future events in the series being spoiled in advance.
📚 Must be willing to serve as a sounding board for story ideas.
📚 Must be willing to provide honest feedback without hesitation.
📚 Must have online access to Google Docs and Google Forms.
📚 Must also be willing to read the entire world to date before the next book comes out. That would be four novels, two short stories, and a novella, all of which will be provided to you in the ebook format of your choice. 


When the book is ready for beta reader eyes, a Google Doc link (locked in Suggestion mode) is provided to all beta team members. At that point, the beta readers will read the book and leave any comments, questions, or feedback as a comment or change suggestion on the document. Each beta reader will also be required to complete a short form that asks some simple survey questions about the overall reaction to the story. The form response will be anonymous. Once all five team members have completed both steps, I will go back through the book from the beginning addressing the feedback as I go. 


I primarily write urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and paranormal fantasy. Stories will contain violence, foul language, and sexually charged material. Books provided to the beta team will be intended for readers 18+.


If chosen for the beta team, you will be credited on the copyright page of the book by name. Additionally, you will be credited on the My Team page on All beta team members will receive my first three Hellfire novels and my first Executioner novel as a signed paperback. For each beta read of a book for publication, the beta team will receive a finished paperback copy of the book as soon as they’re available. Also as a thank you, each beta reader will also receive a $10 Amazon gift card once the beta reading process is complete so you can scoop up a few new books for your time. In addition to the perks outlined above, I will be sending team members the occasional surprise gift through the mail.


So you know what you’re getting yourself into for a 2022 commitment.

🐺Chosen Wolf
Executioner Book 2
Should be beta ready by mid-September.

💀 Vanishing
A Hellfire Novella
Should be beta ready by mid-October.

💀 Untitled
Hellfire Book 4
Currently in the outlining stage.
Likely won’t be beta ready until early 2023.

Still interested????

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