Paramour and stripper peeps…..

Mornin’, peeps! I’m busy working my tail off today, but I wanted to stop in and let you know that the uberawesome Julie Morgan has a new book coming in the Southern Roots series, and the pre-order is LIVE!  I’ve included info on the book and the series in this post!

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…you’ll understand the stripper peeps title when you get there…

Jena Sig XXX


Julie Morgan Paramour CoverLead man of Mongrels of Soul, Derek, has a secret.  His friends have accepted his secret, but will the world?  One thing is for certain, once the world knows, this could make or break him…or would it?

Meeting a man of a lifetime, Derek wants to pursue what he feels.  Scott, a male review dancer, wants Derek to go public.  When he hesitates, will Scott wait for him?

More than chords will be played and it is up to Derek to make the final move.




By Julie Morgan

Southern Roots #5

Contemporary Romance


Publication Date
October 22, 2015


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