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Update on TDYK Progress and the Dreaded What-Ifs

Good evening minions!!!

This morning I turned in the scrubbed manuscript of The Devil You Know to my editor for her to begin copy edits!  We have 28 days and counting until I unleash this thing on the world.  The closer I get, the more nervous I get. 


The process of publishing is VERY exciting to me.  I love doing all that goes into it (except editing.  Editing sucks and makes me want to destroy things.  With FIRE.)  It’s not that at all.  My problem is based more in the fact that people are actually going to READ my book and I am still not used to that idea.  I know, I know.  I have already published a piece of the series but that actually ties right into why I am so nervous. 

Burning, the little short story that could, has yet to have a “bad” review.  Everyone has had such great things to say about it.  It’s been heartwarming to read everyone’s reactions to Burning. 

Then come the what-ifs…. 

What if TDYK isn’t as good as Burning and everyone hates it? 

Due to how well Burning has been received, I don’t think I am quite prepared for the inevitable bad reviews.  I mean, it’s just about guaranteed.  Not everyone is going to like my book.  I know this.  Fifty people can all read the same book and every one of them walks away with a totally different experience.  I get that.  I am just a teency weency bit petrified to read the one guy/girl that just SHREDS TDYK in a review.

I’ve seen these shredding reviews.  I’ve read some of them and laughed and laughed (ex – Katrina Lumsden’s review of Fifty Shades of Gray on Goodreads.  Read this shit.  You will fall out of your chair.).  I don’t feel terribly bad about that one because it’s a poorly written P2P fanfiction – something I strongly disagree with.  But then I see horrible reviews on a well written story where they just rip the book to pieces and I always feel bad for the author. 

Bad reviews happen to good authors.  Good reviews happen to bad authors.  It is a fact of life.  Just not sure how I am going to handle it. 

For now, I am not going to worry about it.  I have written the best story I know how and I am hoping that you all love it as much as I do.

I am off for the night to go celebrate my progress by meeting some friends for drinks! 

Talk to you all soon and as always, much love and thank you SO MUCH for all your support!!!


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