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A Snippet from The Devil You Know

I know it has been a ridiculously long wait from the release of Burning but I assure you that the new mid-June release date of The Devil You Know is a solid one.  As I get closer to having it finished, I am more excited about sharing some pieces with you.  Today, I am going to give you a little piece that is one of the funnier moments in the book and really shows you what kind of character Deziree is.  She’s snarky, a smart ass and occasionally finds joy in bringing pain to others.  She’s a lot of fun to write.

The Devil You Know Official Cover



I also have to extend a thank you on this scene to my dear friend and AMAZING author Ginny Lurcock.  She’s my brainstorming buddy when I get stuck and when I was writing this scene, I knew what I wanted to say but was having trouble getting it out there.  She talked me through it, lending a few ideas and this scene was the product of that.  She’s awesome and should be on everyone’s radar.

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Thanks again for all the continued support!  I can’t wait for this book to be unleashed on the masses!

Without further ado….

“So?” Michael looked at her expectantly.

“Not going to be a problem anymore,” Deziree assured him as she set her glass on the table and waived a waitress over.  “As it turns out, Mr. Roberts would very much appreciate the ability to maintain his position on the mortal plane.”  She took four shots from the waitress’s tray.  They were the novelty kind in plastic test tubes, each one filled with a different brightly colored mixture.  She dropped a fifty dollar bill on the waitress’s tray and the woman started to dig out change.  “You’re all set,” Dez purred and winked at the buxom brunette.

Deziree enthusiastically downed the first shot and then leaned forward and smiled at Michael.  “Did you know,” she started as she held her hand up in front of him, “that there are 27 bones in a human hand?”  Michael looked at her hand in confusion.

“Not that I am against higher learning but why am I getting an anatomy lesson in a bar?”

“Well,” Deziree explained, “not to brag or anything but I just broke 54 bones in that gentleman’s body.  Oddly enough, by the time I was through with the second hand, Mr. Roberts no longer had any interest in pursuing his recent activities involving your client.”  She drank down her other shot and smiled, obviously proud of herself.  “Sadly, I do believe Mr. Happy is going to be quite neglected for some time.  Serves the man right, all things considered.  Thinking with that particular head is what landed him in that nasty little room with me in the first place.  When I left, he was headed for the back exit.  I imagine he’s going to need some help with that door handle.”

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