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Smut.  Erotica.  Mommy Porn.  Whatever you want to call it, the genre is about to get ROCKED.



A very good friend of mine released some news today that I have been DYING to get my hands on so I could get up on my invisible little soap box and start screamin’ it to the world.

She goes by the pen name of Lola Rayne.   What started out as a joking comment over dinner between fledgling author friends has turned into this amazing thing!  One author made a comment about how the other author should write smut because she’d be really good at it.  Not talking about the sex.  Meaning that she could write smut that everyone would want to read because the story line is THAT GOOD.  EL James, watch your back!!  That horrid writing mess that is Fifty Shades is about to get knocked down the charts!!

Today, Pure Textuality announced the release date, did a cover reveal and unveiled the synopsis of The Monster Within by Lola Rayne.  The debut release of my friend’s dirty little alter ego, The Monster Within novella is a wild urban fantasy ride that takes the occasional paranormal romance detour.  The…..ahem…..private…..bits are enough to make you blush and have you feeling like a bit of a peeping Tom but the story line is what counts.  The story is gripping and action packed from beginning to end.  The best part????  IT’S THE FIRST BOOK IN A WHOLE SERIES!!!!!  She’s already hard at work on book #2 in the Mounting Darkness series and I CAN’T WAIT TO READ IT!!!!


Should be easy for all of you to remember since it’s the same day as Burning!!!

Did I mention I don’t read smut???  The fact that I adore this book says something about its quality!!  My friend is aware that I am not an erotica reader so I doubt she would have been surprised if I said I didn’t like it but I was instantly hooked.

I am so excited for her!!  And I am REALLY excited for all of you that will get to read it.  Then we can all come together in the PT chat room and gab about it over champagne and strawberries.  Mmmmm….Now I want champagne and strawberries…..

Head on over to the Pure Textuality site by clicking here to read the synopsis of the book!




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