My First Round of Edits Are In!

Tonight is the start of me really tackling the Round 2 edits on Burning.  I set a release date for myself of October 2nd and time is tickin’!


The wonderful Amber Lynn Natusch tackled my prequel last week and even went to the point of printing out a copy, marking it up and mailing it to me.  I got home tonight to that lovely envelope in my mailbox and couldn’t have been happier.  Luckily, a lot of the stuff that she pointed out was all stuff that I had already been thinking about so the changes to be made are not by any means overwhelming.

I am going to be reworking a two scenes because the way the events play out doesn’t quite make sense.  It’s not a nightmare but it does need to be tinkered with.  The scene tweaking should only take me an hour at most for both scenes combined and then it’s on to the grammar flubs.  Hoping to have the Round 2 edits out to my people by this weekend!  So exciting!

One thought on “My First Round of Edits Are In!

  1. Good luck! I know how you feel. I love revising because of the way it makes my book so much better, but the work can be a little daunting! 😀

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