Jena’s Top 50 Most Beautiful Men

Greetings, humans!!!  Happy Monday!!!  <– Oxymoron, right?!?!

It’s been more than a month in the making, and over 10,000 words, but it’s finally done.


Every year, People does their famous 50 Most Beautiful issue in which they name the Sexiest Man Alive.  I always feel like way too many boys get left out of this list for whatever reason (I also highly disagree with most of their ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ choices…).  I know working it down to 50 faces is hard, so I decided to write my own list.  Today I will do men (*gigglesnort*), and someday soon I will do women (*gigglesnort*).

These are in no particular order and I have specific reasons for all of them.  Some of the men on this list are men I deeply admire in some way, all of which I will explain.  To anyone who has appeared on this list and read it (yeah, right), please note that if you’re on this list for your looks, it’s not because I think you don’t have a brain, and vice versa.  lol  I find all of these people beautiful for particular reasons and that’s the point behind the post.

I can almost guarantee that all of my friends are going to think this will just end up being a long list of rock gods and bumpy-bellied dudes coated in baby oil, but it’s not.  This list was very well thought out.  There are definitely some of those in there, but they’re actually the minority.

Alright people!  Let’s go!

(*This is going to be so much fun!!!*)


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