A Little Love Letter to Book Bloggers #bookbloggers #blogger #booknerd #bookporn

Okay, this isn’t really going to be a letter, exactly, but more of a defense piece for the book bloggers the world ’round who bust their ass for very little, if any, return on their invested time.

Every Thursday when I wake up, I get stupid excited.  From the moment I get up until the moment I go to bed, there is a super-fun thing happening on Facebook.  IABB Confessions.  If you’re an author, reader, or book blogger, you may already have seen them.  They’re so much fun!

It’s a great little Facebook page which goes by the name Indie Authors & Book Blogs.  They are a strictly promotional page (they don’t accept review requests) which has created a weekly………well, it’s not exactly a “meme”….

They have a Google Docs form.  You go fill in your confession, they make a graphic of it, and post it.  It’s all totally anonymous.  Say whatever you want as a reader, author, or book blogger.

I’ve done it.  I’ve even had a few of them go up on IABB.  It’s kind of fun.  However, every time one of mine gets posted, I go and completely ruin the anonymity of it all by sharing the IABB graphic and saying “Look!!!!  My confession got posted!!!!”  I don’t have a reason to hide behind an anonymous confession.  It’s just fun to participate.

Anyway, I am a little bit appalled by one of today’s confessions.  Again, anonymous, so posting this here shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.  Here we go….

Jena Sig XXX


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